Thursday, June 30, 2011


top: Target
skirt: JCrew
wedges: Target
necklaces: c/o Unpossible Cuts

How scandalous is this top???? I love it!!! I bought it because the pattern is too amazing but was not sure how to wear it. Jeans seem like the obvious choice but as you can see fromt he first picture, the top is almost cropped in length. My jeans are all lower rise and I am not about to go prancing around in a cropped top and low rise jeans. I shudder to even imagine it. I needed something with a higher rise waist and this pencil skirt is perfect! The top is so loose and flowy that it needs to be paired with a body conscious bottom.

I am wearing my whimsical baubles again. I love new jewelry! You will be seeing these a lot :)

mistaken identity

My internet was down yesterday so this did not make it up.

dress: Vintage
belt, shoes: Target
necklace: thrift store in GA
pin: given to me by this darling

I have heard many times that I look very different without my glasses. Ususally the implication is that I am more attractive without. Sometimes, meaning to complement me, people are borderline rude. I feel like, "Alright alright I get it! I look frumpy and troll-like when I wear glasses!!" But I like my glasses (ie hiding behind them). Plus, contacts are so not comfortable and I need a break now and again.

The reactions I get from my students the first time they see me without glasses are pretty funny. Yesterday, however, was the first time I had a student straight up not recognize me! I usually wear glasses for the first few days. I guess they seem more teacher-like to me. So yesterday I wore contacts and had my hair down. My students were writing in their journals and one little girl (lets call her Sara) raised her hand. I went over and asked what she needed. "Umm, what's your name?" she asked. I thought she had forgotten my name so i told her. She got this surprised look of "ohhhhhhhhhhhh" on her face and said, "Oh, it's you! Where are your glasses? Why is your hair different?" She thought I was a different teacher!!! So cute! And of course the rest of the class heard this and all had to individually shout out the very same questions even though they just heard me tell her. sigh...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

seahorse love

necklaces: c/o Unpossible Cuts
dress: vintage Gumps
cardigan, belt: Target
shoes: Seychells's Hawk wedges
nails; idea from The Beauty Department

Do you like my amazing necklaces???? My friends made them. Stay tuned for more info. They are in the process of getting their site and business up and running. I can not wait to see what other fun and quirky designs they turn out. Yay!

This dress is officially my "don't I look like a teacher" outfit. I wore it for an interview last week and then I wore it yesterday on the first day of summer school. I got the job so I am going to assume it's sending the message I want it to send :)

The nails for a first attempt. I did it straight from the bottle using the brushes they come with. All of the colors are from the drugstore and cost like 2 bucks pop. Next time I thing I will use a toothpick to get more detail. If you haven't checked out The Beauty Department, go now!! You can thank me later.

You're welcome.

update: My friend's website is is up and two designs are posted so far. Show them some love. Unpossible Cuts

Monday, June 27, 2011

that'll do

tshirt: gift, from Storyville in Austin, TX
jacket: Old Navy
dress: Sway clearance
tights: Kohl's
boots: Seychelle's

These were taken last week but didn't make it online. My sister gave me this t-shirt for my birthday because she has the same one and I must have been very vocal in my admiration. Thanks Andi!

I wore it casually with jeans one day but really wanted to try to find a way to wear it that is more "me." I have a a few tee's from Storyville and would like other ways to wear them. Any ideas? I tried this one just over the dress and also tried knotting it. Meh. Maybe it's the tights I don't like.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

dress: resale
shoes: Dolce Vita for Target
necklaces: gift and Sway

I am still trying to get past my comfort zone with taking pictures outside in my much busier, new neighborhood. Hence, the mix of hidden, front stoop and bedroom pictures. Although I haven't posted much in the past few weeks I have taken a few outfit shots and will be posting them in the coming weeks til I am caught up.

So, I live two blocks from a Crossroads. TROUBLE! I have already hit them up twice and walked out with arms loaded! much for trying to cut back on shopping since my rent has doubled. I rationalize that when everything is $10 I am allowed to go nuts because who am I to pass up deals like that? Am I right or am I right?

I'm right.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sausalito blues

dress: Betsy Johnson resale
scarf: Banana Republic gift
flips: Flojos
hat; Target
cardigan: Sway

Birthday weekend!! I had a bunch of loved ones from Texas come in town for my birthday. It has been a crazy, whirlwind weekend but so fun!
Yesterday we went to Sausalito and the weather could not have been more gorgeous. For a ferry trip to a cute little town like Sausalito I needed to dress the part. Enter adorable, new dress and fedora hat. Strolling thru town, my sister was kind enough to be my photographer.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

brighten up

dress: h&M resale
jacket: clearance at Nordstrom Rack
shoes: Zara
belt: Target

After a long stretch of being drawn to bright colors, lately I just realized I have been putting together outfits that are more drab. Hmmmm. It wasn't conscious but as I glance over the past week, that's the theme I see. Drab, dreary, blah. Today I felt like myself again. Both the dress and the jacket were clearance or resale purchases that I regretted. The jacket is too big and while I bought the dress thinking it would be a fun base piece to build outfits around; I have not been able to do much with it. They have been in the get-rid-of stack. I loved these two together. The jacket, when belted, hides the off shape of the dress and brightens up the look. The good news is I figured out how to wear these both. The bad news is that I now have to make room for them in my room with no closet.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

cowlick central

skirt: Target
top: H&M
shoes: Forever 21

Taming this darn cowlick is such a hassle! It refused to budge today. On top of that it occured to me as I got to school that these black lace-up wedges with little white socks calls to mind Michael Jackson. Once I learn the moonwalk I will be set!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

not so casual Friday

dress: Anthropologie clearance
chambray: GAP clearance
wedges: Target

Not feeling so casual today. This is yet another attempt to dress this gorgeous flower print dress down. The chambray shirt did the trick and by knotting it I was able to maintain the pretty silhouette. Success! I have Vickie of Adventures in Fashion to thank for the idea.
Off to Texas tomorrow. So for two glorious days I will be not-so-aubsent-from-Texas. Hot nights and mosquitos here I come!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

frumping it up

skirt: Kohl's clearance
top: H&M
cardigan: American Eagle
shoes: Target clearance
belt: target

This skirt has become my latest stubborn challenge. I noticed the last few times (ie everytime) I've worn it, it's looked pretty frumpy. Especially, last time with the oversized grey, grandpa cardigan. Woooooooo that was bad. BTW you can see other ways I've worn pieces by clicking on the item under labels. Like if you click "plaid midi" below it will pull up the 3 other posts where I wore it. So I am determined to keep wearing this skirt until I find a way to style it that isn't frumpy. Any suggestions?

Other than that, I can say that I am all moved in! When I move I am always a fanatic about getting unpacked and settled right away. Too bad that doesn't translate to unpacking after a trip. I let those suitcases sit untouched for weeks!