Friday, August 31, 2012

not deterred

top: Nordstron Rack
skirt: Target (couple years back)
shoes: Seychelle's on Gilt
necklace: [un]possible cuts

As you can maybe tell it was super bright for me on the rooftop yesterday afternoon. Which is why my eyes are closed or squinted in every picture. The entire roof is painted white and it reflects light like crazy. I came (slyly crept) upstairs to take these and felt both guilty and dismayed to see an additional deterrent to getting on the rooftop. My landlords must really mean business about no one on the rooftop. Not that it stopped me but I did feel a twinge of guilt.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

why hello there

 dress: GAP outlet
shoes: LC from Kohl's

Hey strangers. Long time no see. I sure did miss you. My last weeks of summer vacation were equal parts lazy and busy. You may be thinnking, "hey, that makes no sense but trust me, in the context of Aubrey, it makes perfect sense."

School started yesterday and I welcomed 32 quiet, wide-eyed 5th graders into my newly redecorated classroom. New bullentin boards with pretty paper and borders, new desk configuration, reorganized library. Blood, sweat, and tears, my friends, went into my room preparation. Okay so not really but it did take many many hours on a ladder with a staple remover. I didn't fall of the ladder once or staple myself. I wanted to high-five myself when one student commented that he liked the organization of the room. After two days, they are less wide-eyed and definitely less quiet. I got a hug this afternoon and I knew they were starting to warm up to me. I like the first week of school everything and everyone is so bright and shiny.

My color combo is totally ketchup and mustard isn't it. sigh. I realized this as I got to school. Thankfully no one called me on it.