Thursday, January 27, 2011

farewell purple tights

No Thursday "Inspired By:" post. Too much of a crazy, whirlwind week. Today was not my day. Even purple tights couldn't lift my foul mood. Then I, of course, got a giant hole in these tights like an hour into the morning. I don't know why I don't wear this dress more often. I like it. It's great for layering and the color makes it perfect for pairing with stand out tights. Today I wore it with this pretty butterfly print top I got for $5 at Nordstrom Rack and tights my sis gave me for Christmas.

dress: resale
top: Nordstrom Rack clearance
tights: Old Navy gift
wedges: Forever 21
necklace: JC Penny gift

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

maxed out

I hit snooze way too many times this morning. I would have been okay had I not gone all Betty Crocker in the kitchen. All of a sudden it was 5 minutes past the absolute latest I can feel comfortable leaving the house! So i threw on this maxi dress (I love you Target), belted it with big brown boots, a bajillion necklaces and ran out the door. It was seriously one of those mornings :) I had the "I need to wash my hair" bun and was putting on eyeliner at the stop lights.

I made it to work on time (YEeeeeees!) and plan on wearing this dress every day. It is my new favorite!

dress: Target
cardigan: JCrew clearance
belt: target
boots: steve madden clearance
necklaces: target and gifts
scarf: GAP gift

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

periwinkle pleats gone wrong

I love it, I hate it. This dress is from my favorite shop in Austin, that I've mentioned before. I love the color of it and the pattern. It also has tulip sleeves, which I think are just adorable. How often do you come across a periwinkle dress? So pretty! But the neckline and the pleating in the front are just wrong. I am trying to figure out what can be done to it. In the meantime I wore it anyway. I went all matchy with my mustard cardigan with periwinkle lace. The brown boots and brown tights were kind of for lack of a better option. I think I was trying to frump it up and crossed the line. :) it happens.

dress: vintage
cardigan: Sway clearance
belt: H&M
tights: old navy gift
boots: steve madden clearance
earrings: Target

Monday, January 24, 2011

yellow? satin? pleats? yes please!

Oh Monday, you little sneak, how did you get here so fast? Seriously, this weekend flew by. Rather than slinking into the week groggy, messy and bitter. I sashayed in pleats a-swingin, platforms a-clompin, Starbucks in hand. This skirt is another purchase from a month ago that has yet to see the light of day. It was on clearance and I have kept it in the back of my mind, not quite sure how I wanted to wear it. Platforms were a must and considering how much I've been wearing bright primary colors, a blue cardigan and blue polka dot blouse called out to me.

skirt; GAP clearance
cardigan: GAP
blouse: Old Navy
tights: Kohl's
platforms: Jeffery Campbell via Nordstrom Rack
necklaces: gifts
Ring: Ring's Eclectic

red red red red red red and The Judds

Saturday was one of those really great weekend days. I had the laziest morning imaginable. Judge away, but I spent the better part of the day laying in bed watching the made for TV movie about The Judd's on youtube. During part 14 of 15 of this delightfully awful miniseries, I topped the morning off with a nap. It was fantastic. Normally this "waste of the day" would drive me nuts but for once I just went with it. Yay me!

Around 2 I finally got dressed. These red cords have been dying to make it out of my closet and it is long overdue. Considering I have been obsessed with finding a pair of red pants for months and that I bought these a month's about damn time I busted them out. I really like the brown shirt and the stand-out polka dots paired with these very noticeable red cords. I went neutral with the shoes and cuffed the pants. The bun and glasses were out of sheer laziness.

cords: GAP clearance
tank: Old Navy clearance
blouse: Target
heels: Target

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inspired by: The Daybook

Sydney on The Datebook does pants so well. I am not so much a pants person but she for sure inspires me to try to look as effortless yet chic in jeans as she does :) That being said, I drew inspiration for today's post from this look. How gorgeous is that? Bold, vibrant colors, a hot skirt and killer heels. I love it all!

Cardigan: GAP clearance
blouse: GAP gift
skirt: Banana Republic resale
tights: GAP
heels: Target

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Round 3 with the ballerina skirt

After being so excited about this skirt and failing miserably the first time I wore it, I have taken it as a challenge to make this skirt work. I wore it here and somewhat redeemed myself. Yesterday I wore it with these two cardigans (my new favorite thing) and my new black oxford wedges. I think this skirt shrinks each time I wash it. A few more trips thru the wash and it is not going to cover the necessary areas at all!!! Then I will have to retire it and I'll be sad :(

Another round of photos in the chair. It's only fair to disclose that I will never pass up the chance to take photos in this chair. Anytime I am home during the day and need to take outfit photos, I will be taking them in this chair. Just throwing that out there.

skirt: Target
Cardigans: Target
cami: Kohl's
tights: Kohl's
Shoes: Forever 21

After reading about PikaPika, japanese photo booth stickers, I finally went last week with my roommate and sister. Oh my goodness! It was awesome! We went back this weekend. We made a card for my friend and had way too much fun doing so :)

In the evening I got dressed up to attend my good friends' birthday dinner. My roommate and I took silly photos before we left the house.

Skirt: Old Navy clearance
top: GAP gift
blazer: old, can't remember
tights: Kohl's
shoes: Jeffery Campbell via Nordstrom Rack
necklace: gift

Friday, January 14, 2011

Casual Friday

I was not planning to wear anything worth posting today. Casual friday at work doesn't really inspire me. But I got dressed and ended up really liking how this casual look came together. maybe it's the side bun, which has now become my go-to updo. Or this new coral necklace. Or even these newish cords, that I forgot I had. I love it when that happens. You think your outfit is going to be "meh" and it ends up "wow".

cords: JCrew resale
tshirt, yellow cardigan, earrings, shoes: Target
blue cardigan: GAP sale
necklace: crossroads

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inspired by: keiko lynn

I saw this outfit earlier in the week and absolutely loved it! The drapey skirt and black sweater could easily be Grandma-ish. But add black tights and some serious heels and it changes the whole look. It totally wowed me when I saw keiko wear it on her blog. I had to copy her! :)

Sorry for the grainy photos. This is what happens when I play around with Picasa. :(

Skirt: Target (from 2003)
Sweater: GAP gift
tighs: Target
Heels: Simply Vera Wang clearance
Ring: Rings Eclectic

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Sometimes I get dressed in the morning and I know that I am putting on a blah outfit. Today definitely falls under that category. Blah. I wanted to wear this olive corduroy dress and it is way way way too short to wear to school. I am going to blame the dreary, overcast day. I can see that this needs something, anything to bright up the blah, drab tone. Any suggestions?


dress: Old Navy clearance
button up: GAP
skirt: Nordstrom Rack
tights: Old Navy gift
boots: Seychelle's
necklace: gift

Monday, January 10, 2011

christening the new chair and bum catching

Yes these photos are silly but I just couldn't resist. It was cold outside! Plus I took today off and the light in the apartment was just right.

This outfit sends out all sorts of the wrong message though! Or prehaps it was just my mood...After taking these I headed to Berkeley and was walking through downtown. I was propositioned not once but twice!! First, I passed this young man who asked if I would like to snuggle. When I raised my eyebrow and walked by he just asked again. Then not two blocks later I passed another man who told me that if I would like to go to dinner, come back later and he would be waiting. Oh, yes! Did I mention that they were both bums. That is of course not the PC term but when they are my age, sitting on the side walk asking passersby for money and me for dates I am inclined to call them bums.

So I am now naming this my bum-catching outfit.

cardigan, skirt: Target
t-shirt: gift
tights: Kohl's
boots: Steve Madden clearance

the taste of wine lingers

Sunday was another packed day with Andi. We had a lovely brunch at a friends house and then headed to Livermore to take her wine tasting for the first time.

This dress was a recent resale find for $12! I can't wait to find other ways to wear it.

dress: Erin Featherston resale
chambray: GAP sale
tights: Old navy gift
boots: Seychelle's
necklace: gift

Thanks for being my photographer Andi!

I hate seagulls

Saturday my little sister arrived from Texas to visit. We had a fun filled day in the city. her main thing was going to Fisherman's Wharf for chowder in a bread bowl b/c when she came last time we didn't get to do that. Not only did she get her bread bowl but she got something even better! A seagull straight up flew into my head! It didn't just buzz me. This insane seagull flew into my head. i think it's plan was to knock me to the ground and get my calamari. Had I been a small child it no doubt would have succeeded. As it was, we took cover with our food and had a story to tell over and over all day.

I was aiming for comfort and warmth with this outfit. I am not much of a hat person but they really do keep you warm. That combined with the 3 shirts, 2 skirts and tights helped me not freeze too much in the city. Such a great day!

picking my sister up at the airport

cardigan: GAP gift
button up: Old Navy sale
skirt: Forever 21
tights: Kohl's
shoes: Frye resale