Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a pat on the back

 top: Lucky brand resale
shorts: Forever 21
cardigan: J Crew resale
tights: Old Navy (thanks Andi!)
boots: Steve Madden (major clearance two years ago)
necklace: Alameda Antique Fair
mmmmm coffee
These were taken on my last day in LA. After eating nonstop on idea where I put all the food I ate...we somehow were hungry for brunch. Eggs benedict and blueberry-cornmeal pancakes because why the hell not. Bring on the glutton, I day. Bring it on. To balance out the day spent eating, we biked up and down the strand. I just google mapped it and we bike 20 miles total. Whoa, I didn't know I could do that. However, this may be small potatoes to veteran cyclists. I hop on a bike...never so I am pretty impressed. Though it is probably completely false, I am going to tell myself that I totally biked off the 20 million helpings I had on Thanksgiving and pat myself on the back for a job well done. Good job self (pat, pat, pat)

Monday, November 28, 2011

add some sparkle to your Monday

Back to school, back to school, back to school. Waking up this morning wasn't a problem but waking up in a good mood...that didn't happen. Having a whole week off is so nice but it lulls you into this false sense of "I'm independently wealthy and don't have to work" I did enjoy the time off. Once I actually got to school and saw my class, my sunny mood reappeared. This outfit is so cozy yet pretty at the same time. I love the sparkle of the sweater and tights.

Hope your post holiday Monday was gentle :)

dress: Anthro clearance
sweater: GAP clearance
tights: Kohl's
oxford wedges: F21
scarf: Kohl's 
Jacket: H&M
necklace: gift from Mom

Saturday, November 26, 2011

land of plenty

dress: vintage
sweater: Lauren Conrad from Kohl's 
tights: F21
platforms: blowfish resale
necklace: Alameda Antique Fair

Day two in LA was Thanksgiving. My old islandmate Jeanette and I had decided that since we weren't going home for the holiday we should get together and cook a meal together. Five years ago we had assembled a makeshift, island Thanksgiving with our other islandmate John. My neighbor killed two chickens, I had powdered mashed potatoes, gravy, and box stuffing carried back from the states. So far away from home, we stuffed ourselves, laid on my sleeping platform and reminisced on what our families were doing on the other side of the world without us. It was a bittersweet, nostalgic day that is one of my favorite memories from that time. 
Back in the land of plenty, we put together a magnificent feast and were joined by a couple of Jeanette's friends. The day involved several walks on the Strand. These were snapped while the turkey was cooking and during our post meal walk.

shedding layers

dress: Black Rainn
belt: Target
boots: Steve Madden

I spent Thanksgiving in LA with my old islandmate. I arrived Wednesday morning at 8 am. She had to work so I drove to the beach and walked around marveling a the beautiful weather. I took my photos at Hermosa beach and almost convinced myself to move down south. Can you blame me? Just look at that blue sky and waves! I left San Francisco wearing a scarf, 2 cardigans, and a heavy jacket. Once I landed in LA, I couldn't shed layers fast enough. The best part of Wednesday was the cupcake shop! Apparently they won Cupcake Wars this year. My French Toast with Candied Bacon Cupcake was ridiculous! Look at this amazingness!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

color outside the lines

When I think of fall colors, I think of the shades of falling leaves and crackling fires. Oranges, browns, reds, deep, rich, warm colors. A bright coral...not your typical fall color. But I have to be honest, with style, I love breaking rules. In my day to day life, I will be the first to label myself a rule follower. But with my clothes, I like to break the rules, color outside the lines. I bought this dress resale the other day. It is not a fall dress and that is doubtless why it remained on the racks. I can see no other reason an Anthropologie dress with the tags still on would not be scooped up. The color and material scream spring or summer. I almost passed it up but I bought it and like many other items (I'm talking to you ballerina skirt and ugly plaid skirt) this dress is now a challenge to me. I will make it work in the fall. Round one...

dress: Anthropologie resale
wrap: Chico's gift from Aunt Kathryn
tights: Kohl's 
belt: Target
shoes: BCBG from Nordstron Rack
necklace: Unpossible Cuts

Monday, November 21, 2011

danger zone

cords: J Crew
socks, blouse, jacket: Target
necklace: unpossible cuts
shoes: Blowfish resale
This outfit fall under my "what was I thinking" comfort zone. For me, getting dressed is a process of trial and error as I try to build an outfit. The goal is usually to come up with a combination I have never worn before. Often times, I get fixated on an item and build everything else around it. This day, that item was these blowfish platform sandals. In spite of the rain and the cold, I was determined to wear them. And for some reason, bright blue socks and vivid coral pants seemed like the only viable option. sigh. Way outside my comfort zone this day. Every now and again, you get way out of control and have to remind yourself to rein it back in.

This is one of those days.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

9 days!!!

 dress; Old Navy clearance
boots: Seychelle's Romance
tights, socks: Kohl's 
belt: Target
scarf: on loan from Erin J
Oh, glorious, amazing, fantastic, undeniably enviable week off of school!! I jerked awake at 7 and frantically grabbed for my phone since my bleary eyes could not make out the numbers on my alarm clock. My heart dropped in panic, which was immediately followed by the realization that it was Saturday. When I remember that this Saturday is the first day in my 9 days of vacation I smiled and blissfully sank back to sleep.

My friend at Unpossible Cuts commented that his necklaces have not been on here in awhile. I wear them all the time but by chance they have not been on the blog much lately. I intend to remedy that beginning right now. if you have not checked out their etsy shop recently go now!! Their stuff is adorable, edgy, clever, and trend-setting all at the same time. I have gotten compliments almost every time I have worn something from truck employees to flight attendants have asked where my necklaces are from. I have my eye on the State Love necklace, to represent where I'm from, and the Hella necklace in honor of where I am now.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

hot mess of patterns

skirt: Banana Republic resale
top: ??
button up: American Eagle 2001
wedges: Lela Rose for payless clearance
belt: Old Navy

It was a grey day but the good kind. The air had that lovely, brisk feeling that somehow smells like the holidays. I made me think of the Christmas music and crackling fires for the first time. Considering Thanksgiving is a week away, I am right on schedule.

This is a whole lot of pattern happening. I've got the grey, plaid, pencil skirt. I've got the green, floral top. And I've got the pink striped button up. Sometimes, when you mix up the unexpected you get a hot mess. Other times it just works.

Andi's real camera

I am feeling so ridiculously grateful to my little sister, Andi. She graciously agreed to let me borrow her super fancy camera while I continue to contemplate upgrading from my smart phone camera to a real camera. And would you look at these photos!!! Real cameras take pretty amazing pictures. I almost feel like I shouldn't ruin it by telling you that I am pretty sure I am standing on a landfill in these pictures. But, obviously I am unable to keep things to myself and there we are. Landfill. Yup. Standing on one.

But the view from the landfill sure is pretty.

skirt: Target resale
cardigan: Banana Republic resale
top: Old Navy, gift from Andi
tights: Kohl's 
wedges: Forever 21
 necklace: gift from Mom

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Purple haze

 dress: H&M
cardigans: Target
hawk wedges: Seychelle's

EBEW colored tights. I felt alittle bummed about this challenge b/c I didn't have any fun new tights to wear. My drawer is packed full on last winter's tights in the same, old colors I've worn and worn and worn. I can't really justify buying new tights though, when I already have so many pairs. I have never pair these tights with this polka dot dress. I have usually worn this dress as a top but today I wanted a light colored, short dress to show these purple tights off. In these chilly temps I added a purple button-up layered under the dress.

Colored Tights | Everybody, Everywear