Tuesday, February 26, 2013

do they know?

 denim tunic: resale
tights: Target
flats: Old navy
sweater: J Crew clearance
belt: Target
skirt: H&M

This was a sunny weekend that my bright, sunny, deceptively warm apartment tricked me into under-dressing. It was sunny but not near warm enough for this outfit. I wore this to the farmer's market and was mortified to get home and discover that the lining of the skirt had worked it's way up, so as not to cover what it was meant to cover. Granted I had tights on and the lace part of the skirt was in place but still...so embarrassing. It's like those women who wear black legging that are not as opaque as they need to be. I always wonder, do they know that they might as well not be wearing pants, for all those stretched out, too sheer, worn through leggings are covering?  

Saturday, February 23, 2013

farewell mop

skirt: J Crew clearance
top: H&M
tights: Anthro clearance
heels: Target
necklace: [un]possible cuts

This was taken last week, before I got a long overdue haircut. It had been 7 months and my hair had definitely gone into mop territory. It looks much more tidy and neat now but as always there is a part of me that misses the overgrown, tangled mess it had become. 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's my dear

top: Kohl's sale
skirt: J Crew clearance
shoes: Jeffery Campbell (Nordstrom Rack)  
doe necklace: [un]possible cuts

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, my dears. I threw on as many colors in the pink and red family as possible to get in the spirit. I made little treat bags for my students, who were more excited by the homework passes than the chocolate dipped pretzels. After school I met a friend for a sappy, romantic movie. It was lovely. Hope yours was too ;)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

what started it all

dress: H&M clearance
cardigan: Target (so old)
belt: Target
shoes: Lela Rose for Payless sale
mustache necklace: [un]possible cuts 

It has been totally feeling like spring lately. The days have been seriously validating why I live in California, so far away from my family. It has been in the 60's, sunny and gorgeous. Of course, at night the temp drops at night so I have to make sure I have a jacket and scarf with me but the days...so nice out!

I can't even believe that I was able to walk around and sit by the lake in this outfit and not get cold. I scurried home as the sun was setting but for a few hours I could pretend it was spring.

I am such a dork. I was in Walgreen's today and I ran into the very first blogger I ever followed. I got into blogging when one day I was fed up with fashion magazines and air brushed models and designers clothes that I could never afford. I thought that there must be something else out there for real people who shop clearance sections and like food. So I started googling and the first blog that I found was calivintage. Ironically, I found out much later, when I recognized her surroundings, that she lives in my neighborhood. So, her blog is what put me on the path that led to me starting my own blog. A year later, I did just that and while blogging is just a hobby for me, it has changed my life in many ways. Soooooo, this afternoon, I turned around in Walgreen's and found myself staring (open mouthed in surprise) at the blogger who started it all for me. She's a pretty much one of the B.F.D bloggers so I definitely wasn't going to gush to her about all of this or creep her out, but it was a pleasant surprise for sure.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

purple ruffles

dress: Target resale
cardigan: Old Navy
tights: Old Navy
wedges: seychelle's 

Gorgeous, sunny Saturdays are the best! After a few weeks that had moved at a frantic pace, today was a balm on my entire disposition. The library was randomly closed which was a bummer since I just finished the seventh book in a series and I was planning to spend the better part of today starting number 8. But I consoled myself over a cup on coffee as I wandered the aisles of the used book store. Now, I need to talk myself into vacuuming my apartment and putting away the pile of folded clothes that has taken up residence on couch.