Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm calling it Selfish Saturday

dress (as a skirt): JC Penny
blouse: Kohl's clearance
jacket: Nordstrom Rack
doe necklace: [un]possible cuts 
tights: JCrew
boots: Target
lipstick: Maybelline "Shocking Coral", Revlon "Cherries in the Snow" at the corners
I can proudly say that I did not participate in a any Black Friday or Cyber Monday madness. I could not say the same for the Saturday in between. In my head, I was avoiding the craziness but benefiting from the sales. And benefit I did! Are there people who can actually shop on the weekend after Thanksgiving and only buy gifts, not shop for themselves? If so, who are you and will you please teach me your self restraint? I bought lots of gifts but I shopped for myself too. How could I resist the holiday products at Lush? How could I resist 40% off at Old Navy and GAP?  I couldn't. If you hit the stores last weekend and only bought for others, you are a far, far better person than I.