Monday, February 28, 2011

mean teacher

I found an online top knot/bun tutorial that actually worked for me! Big thank you to I believe in Unicorns It was Monday and I am starting with a new class who are a bit wild. So i decided to really play up my school teacher look ;) I think I succeeded since one kid told another that I was really mean and two of my colleagues commented on how teacher-ish I looked today. It's really fun to play with different looks. I, too often, fall into my cardigan, dress, tights rut. Gotta break free now and again.

skirt: j crew
top, coat: H&M
blazer: super ancient
tights: GAP
shoes: Target

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I was super indecisive today. I got dressed, changed, changed back. Then went outside to take photos. Looked at the photos, then went back inside and changed again!! Sometimes you try to make something work and it just doesn't. It just big, fat doesn't. I probably should have just chosen something else entirely and started from scratch but I'm a stubborn one. So now I have two sets of outfit photos. I need some feedback. Which one works...or perhaps neither does. That's okay too.
I felt like wearing this maxi dress as a skirt today. I first paired it with a white top with yellow stripes, a marigold cardigan, a belt and a beanie. Then I felt like I had too much yellow and orange going on...kind of like the sun threw up all over me. Here it is...

dress (worn as skirt): Macy's
top: H&M
Cardigan: GAP clearance
belt: Target
boots: Seychelles

So then I tried to tone it down. I lost the belt and beanie. I switched the all the yellow for a tan sweater and added a coral necklace.

sweater: GAP clearance
necklace: Crossroads

So what do you think? I am incapable of decisions today :( On a side note I go back to work tomorrow after 3 weeks of leisure. Sadly, the midday chair photos will be coming to an end so I need to throw a few more in for good measure :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

play with your clothes

This dress has an interesting structure to it. The style of the straps makes it near impossible to dress down. I love the pretty rose pattern of it and really wanted to wear it today. I decided to try tucking the straps down and layering a blouse over it. The blouse was a bit too long so I tucked it up and belted it in place. The tights are actually these sparkly bronze tights turned inside out. Sometimes you just need to get creative with your clothes. I could have easily grabbed something out of my closet and thrown it on but isn't it more fun to play around?

dress: Anthropologie clearance
blouse: anthropologie clearance
cardigan: Old Navy clearance
tights: Kohl's
wedges: Forever 21
belt: Target

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I woke up this morning feeling sick. ugh! I thought to myself that I would spend the day in bed resting up since I leave for CO tomorrow. However by 10 am I was bored bored bored! How taxing can getting dressed and running errands be??? So I put on my red platforms, that never fail to cheer me up (lets hope they have healing powers as well).

Oh! funny story! Some of my mom's friends in Dallas read my blog and I guess they were discussing it the other day. Well Fiction (nickname, obviously) claimed to have figured out the method to the madness of how I get dressed every day. She said i must just have a butt load of clothes (I don't) and have them scattered all over my room (somewhat true). So in the morning I just get out of bed, throw my body into my closet and put on whatever I land on. Yes, Fiction, this is exactly how I do it! Thankfully I have yet to fall on the mumu, athletic sock, pink stilettos combination. :)

dress: Sway
cardigan: American Apparel resale
tights: GAP
necklace: target
platforms: Jeffery Campbell

Friday, February 11, 2011

aubsent from here

I have been lagging on here and time has gotten away from me. Today was a busy day of working, hanging with friends, and even a jog around the lake. I have a moment before I need to get ready for work tonight so I took some photos to post.

This dress is so darn adorable but I just can't make it work for me. i am never really happy with how I've worn it. It might just not be my style. However, for today it was just what I wanted. Loose and comfy. I wore it with flats, gray tights, and a gray cardigan.

dress: Spotted Moth
tights: Old Navy gift
cardigan, flats: Target

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inspired by: Clothed Much

I started the day in boots and tights but this crazy spring weather we are having allowed me to change into sandals. Yay warm weather!!! This week I was inspired by Elaine of I'm Clothed Much. She posted this outfit and commented on her husband not liking the mix of teal and blue. She liked it and so did I. I've had it in the back of my mind wanting to try mixing similair colors that are rarely worn together. I decided to pair my green skirt with this teal (turquoise? what color is that? teal i think) top. Then I went overboard with olive sandals and argyle socks. Sometimes you have to go all crazy like :) And I went for it. Yes I did

skirt: vintage
top: Old navy
socks, sandals, cardigan: Target

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

clean lines, messy hair

the weather here in the east bay has been marvelous this week! Sunny, cool, perfect weather to be outside! Today I actually went bare legs and got a little glimpse of the lovely spring to come. Walking around Oakland today I felt all bouncy and happy with my white skirt and breton stripe shirt...and messy hair. They is what air dry looks like on me. It's that scraggly mop of hair that I was missing right after I got my hair trimmed. It's back!!!! Hello old friend.

skirt: Isaac Mizrahi for Target (2003)
top: H&M
necklace: Crossroads
boots: Seychelle's

the thing about updos

Yesterday never made it up. I was having issues. Here's my superficial problem...I love fancy, quirky updos. Messy, sleek, complicated, simple, whatever. I love them. I love playing around with my hair, trying to master them. I consider this a result of being raised by my mom, who could give a crap about hairstyles and had me doing my own pigtails as soon as I could grip the brush.I'm pretty good with hair. The kicker is that updos look awful on me! I do not have the face shape or hairline or head size for updos. Boo life's cruel sense of humor! After almost 30 years I pretty much know what looks good on me and what doesn't (okay I am still learning) and hair up = look stupid. I know this, yet I never give up trying to find styles that look good on me. I came across this awesome twisted braid look on Sidewalk Ready and was obsessed! After numerous attempts I finally was able to coax my locks into a semblance of her awesomeness. However, while it looked amazing, it did not look amazing on me (sad face).

Anywho, I took photos and selected the one where the angle was more flattering. All of the ones where my head looks abnormally large for my body, were sent to the recycle bin, never to see the light of your computer screen. Your welcome.

dress: vintage from New Bohemia
cardigan/belt: Target
tights: Kohl's
boots: Seychelle's