Sunday, May 20, 2012

headband curls with no heat

As promised I tracked down the links for, what I found out is called, headband curls. I found this through love, Maegan. The original youtube video was by lipstick diaries and is no longer available.
This video is good even though the girl has fine straight hair. It shows that this can work even if you have silky fine hair with little texture.
Here is another good video.
One more

This is really versatile so play around with it to figure out how to make it work for your hair. I often wake up with the morning, dampen my hair slightly and leave this in while I get ready and take it out when I get to work. I don't usually use any product except to hairspray it when I take it down. I get the best results when I do this on damp hair at night and sleep on it.

Here are somethings to consider
  • the thickness of the head band: different materials and thicknesses give different results
  • the placement of the headband: don't get discouraged if this looks awful the first time you try. Play around with the headband placement and try again. 
  • the thickness of the pieces:  Thin, tightly wrapped pieces give tighter curls. Thick, looser wrapped pieces give big waves. 
  • the type of product: using product can give more hold, fight frizz, do whatever your hair needs. Figure out what works for you
  • If your hair is too wet it will never dry, not even overnight. Either let air dry or blow dry until slightly damp.
My results
overnight, thin headband, thick pieces, tight wrap

morning, thin headband, loose wrap, thick pieces

thick headband, tight wrap

thin headband, left in all day on damp hair

I hope this helps. Have fun and let me know if you try it and how your results turn out!

surprisingly versatile

dress: vintage caftan (??)
top: Francesca's Collection
skirt: resale
tights:Hue sale
heels: Target
necklace: Sway
belt: Target

This is an outfit that just came together through trial and error. It started with the tights and I love how it turned out. As you can see the caftan thing (no idea what this article of clothing is) catches every breeze and floats behind me.I am surprised at how versatile it has turned out to be. Click "caftan" below to see.

I am spending my Sunday hiding inside from Bay to Breakers shenanigans. I went to Bay to Breakers two years ago and wild doesn't come close to expressing the craziness that ensued in the streets of San Francisco. It's actually a 7 mile run from the bay, across the city to the Pacific. That starts at 7am. But many, many people show up around 8 am and walk the 7 miles in themed, group costumes. They walk and binge drink the day away. The streets along the route are teeming with half naked, throngs of drunken, lewd humanity. I am not feeling in that sort of a mood today, so inside I stay. Even though my street is at least 5 or 6 blocks from the route I have been listening to groups of people yelling and carrying on all morning long.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

new stuff from Unpossible Cuts

Unpossible Cuts has some new stuff out. Go check them out and you'll see yours truly modeling. Weird right? There was a photographer and a fancy camera and they kept telling me to move my hair b/c it was blocking "the product." I am pretty sure every shot I am vacillating between awkward self consciousness and laugh-crying at Phillip's antics.  Phillip and Domingo are the talented designers behind Unpossible Cuts. You must admit, we secretly love them for knowing that the nerd in us NEEDS a Stormtrooper necklace in a bad way. I can't say enough how much I love their designs. Hope you like as much as I do!

StormTrooper Insipired Necklace 

Sidenote: this is not an ad. They are my friends, I like their stuff, I modeled for them. Just spreading the word :)

morning light

dress, cardigan, belt, flats: Target
green pin: gift
pirate bunny pin: Unpossible Cuts 

 plaid nail tutorial from The Beauty Department

I have been having so much fun trying the million nail tutorials out there. Fancy nails are definitely back...was it just me or were minimal nails "the thing" for a very long, hot second. I can't remember, ever in my life, caring about nail art. Now it's all over the place. Seriously, if you are one of those annoying people who refuses to jump on the pinterest bandwagon b/c everyone else is doing it, just stop. Get off your high horse and get on pinterest.

I made myself take my photos this morning before leaving for work. In other words, before the day did a number on my hair, snarling it to oblivion. I am pretty sure I have never shared the best hair tutorial in the entire world. I have wavy-straight hair with some texture to it and can't stand blow-drying and curling my hair everyday to get perfect waves. I am going to have to re-search and share this simple tutorial. If I do say so myself, I am having an amazing hair moment above and I didn't use any heat products  to achieve it. Do i sound like an infomercial yet? Well, I am going to have to leave you hanging. :) My students love/hate when I do that...when we have read aloud, I, without fail, always stop for the day at some cliffhanger moment and they all laugh and groan. So cute!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

twist and clip

dress: H&M
tights: Forever XXI
belts and heels: Target
black necklace: H&M
doe necklace: Unpossible Cuts

I'm back!
I spent the better part of the morning on pinterest and got all sorts of lost in it's lovely time-suckage. I tried this vintage inspired  'do last weekend when I didn't feel like washing my hair (shhhhhh) and it was surprisingly easy. I didn't even study youtube tutorials or anything. Some dry shampoo, twisting, and clipping was all it took. 

This polka dot dress has gotten alot of mileage. If you click dot dress below, you can see the many many ways I have worn it.