Tuesday, November 30, 2010

zip and sparkle

You know those mornings that you really just want to throw on sweats and call it a day? Well, when I smacked snooze on my alarm it was seriously feeling like one of those days. Wearing sweats to work was not an option so I decided to go the opposite direction and over-compensate. I could have just gone with jeans and a cozy sweater but then I would have ended up feeling blah all day. Instead I went with this awesome, $12 resale find, sparkly tights, girly heels and red lipstick. There is nothing like red lipstick to perk up your mood. And it worked. I got to work feeling great with a bounce in my step and swing in my walk.

Dress: Kimchi Blue (resale)
Button up: GAP (so old)
Tights: Kohl's
Shoes: Target
Cardigan: Sway

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweet as Pumpkin Pie

I bought this dress from Spotted Moth because I absolutely had to! Seriously, I had no choice. I couldn't not buy it. Look how sweet it is!

I had it on thursday and how perfect would this have been for Thanksgiving? But I was way too excited about that damn Ballerina skirt. (as a shake my fist at it) So I am breaking this perfect little dress out for an out of town weekend in Gernville, CA.

Dress: Spotted Moth
Necklace, Earrings: Target
Shoes, Tight: Kohl's
Jacket: Hemp Hoodlamb

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Inspired by: Orchid Grey

Every Thursday I am going to try to post an outfit inspired by one of the lovely, fashionable ladies I follow online.

I was so excited about this and couldn't wait for Thursday. I loved an outfit worn by Julie of Orchid Grey last week and I had been seeing similar little ballerina skirts all over the place. I finally bought one and couldn't wait to wear it. Then Thursday rolled around and I got dressed and this outfit looked great in the mirror. Adorable. But when I went outside to take pictures, it looked awful on the camera! Boo! Everything about it. The sweater, the thick belt, the color of the tights, the socks, the shoes. Just all around bad choices. I added a scarf and liked it a bit more. I should have started from scratch but it was Thanksgiving and I was super late for dinner at my roommate's family house. No time. I just wore it and felt blah.

I feel like there should be a lesson here but I have no idea what it is. This ballerina skirt and I are not friends. This is a challenge now. I am going to find a way to wear it. Another day, another outfit.

ballarina skirt:1 Aubrey: 0

I made creme brulee cupcakes and also chocolate pumpkin with merengue frosting

Skirt, Belt, Cardigan: Target
Camisole: American Eagle
Tights, Socks: Kohl's
Scarf: gift
Necklace: shop in Berkeley
Boots: Seychelles


This past summer I had a job offer in China that I was seriously considering. My good friend gave me this shirt for my birthday, hoping it might sway me to stay. I had actually already made up my mind to turn down the China job. I do hella love Oakland :) and I just wasn't ready to leave it.

My Dad had a 24 hour layover in San Jose yesterday, so I drove down to meet him. It was cold and i just wanted to be casual and warm. Looking at the photos makes me think I need a new pair of jeans...a decent pair that fit well. I also want clarify that the pockets of the chambray shirt I have on under look like weird, off center nipples but are not. I have on way too many layers to have a T.H.O. problem.

Sweater: Old Navy sale $18
Jeans, Belt: Target
T-Shirt: gift
Chambray button up: GAP clearance $18
Boots: Steve Madden clearance $50

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

bringing the sunshine

Today got cold! The temperature in the air just took a nose dive. My response? Sundress, light tights, and a paper thin cardigan. It's not like I was pounding the pavement today. I had a baking day at a friend's house and was indoors. I will admit that the moccasins came out while we were baking. Even I am not so impractical as to pair my apron with heeled boots :)

These boots are my very first pair of Seychelle's. I've been lusting over heeled, lace-up, ankle boots. I decided since they are all expensive, I may as well shell out the money for a brand that has a reputation for comfort and quality. I originally bought a pair from Aldo but took them back in a fit of buyer's remorse.

This outfit made me feel sunny and bright despite the cold overcast day. I almost went with a marigold sweater but decided to tone it down. The grey works better. Have I mentioned that I looooove these boots.

Dress: H&M
Cardigan & Belt: Target
Tights: GAP
Boots: Seychelle's

Monday, November 22, 2010

pole dancer from the Hamptons

Since starting this blog, I find myself pulling items out of my closet that I have never been able to make work. I all of a sudden want to try again...and post it on the internet...so everyone can see when the styling goes horribly wrong. Hmmm, I am now reconsidering my thought process here. Regardless, it's been fun.

This dress was purchased at Nordstrom Rack on clearance for like $10. I couldn't resist. $10!!!!!!! Even though it was super low cut and definitely too short for school. I bought it. And have only once worn it and felt comfortable (worn it twice knowing I looked dumb, many many missteps). So, yesterday I pulled it out yet again and attempted to make it work.

I like how it came together. This belt is new and is reversible!!! Black on one side and brown on the other. Two for one! Score! I tried a big, green, beaded necklace but took it off at the last minute as it seemed overkill. These shoes are also a Nordstrom rack purchase that I couldn't resist but never wear. To me these shoes say "pole-dancer from the Hamptons" They are super uncomfortable and after a few hours I had to change into flats. But for a few hours they made me feel sassy.

A random woman getting out of her car stopped me to tell me that she liked my outfit and it reminded her of the 60's. That, to me, says success. :)

Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Cardigan: Banana Republic resale
Belt: Target
tights: Kohl's clearance
Shoes: BCBG from Nordstrom Rack

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have had a busy weekend and have not had time to post anything from this weekend. And now, here it is Tuesday :(

On Saturday, I went shopping in the city with my roommate and my close friend. I do not make it to the city near as often as I would like. sigh. One day, one day. My original plan had been to wear a new dress but it was not fitting so well. I may have gotten the wrong size. I dove back into my closet and pulled out a dress that I have mixed feelings about. I kind of love it and hate it. I love the lace at the top with the weird not-quite denim material of the dress. But the elastic fake belt thing is too tight and a tad too high and ugly to boot. Also, I always forget how butt short it is until i have it on and am out and about. I all of a sudden catch my reflection in a mirror and think "holy moses, I am on the verge of flashing my goods here!" However, I keep trying to make it work.

My roommate vetoed this outfit but I stubbornly kept it on. I just liked it! Do yall ever do that? Where something that you've been told doesn't work or isn't cute because you like it. I do. Many many fashion missteps. Oh so many!

That being said, I still like this. Maybe it it's so wrong that it's right :) Do you love it or hate it?

(side notes: My roommate took these since we were running late. Can you tell how uncomfortable I am?? The last picture should leave no doubt :) Also, how fluffy is my hair looking?? Little reminiscent of a cocker spaniel's ears)

Cardigan: Old Navy sale
Belt (Huggie?): Sway
Dress: Sway
Tights: GAP
Booties: Target

double day

Holy crap! I am tired. Fridays are my double days. I have two jobs and Friday is the day I work both. I wanted to at least share photos from this morning. Friday may have to be my challenge day. I usually try to wear as much black as possible because the uniform at my night job is all black. So, today is kind of blah. Wearing work clothes, sporting a messy, "didn't want to fix my hair" bun and wearing my glasses?? Yowsa! My solution? Overcompensate with extra make-up ;) Next week I will have to get more creative. My goal is to have to change as few pieces of clothing as possible.

I got these amazing skinny cords a few weeks back and love them! Thank you Old Navy because you have been rockin it as of late. Old Navy is so hit or miss. They either have nothing I want or a I leave spending more than I should. This latest trip was no exception. I went alittle crazy but I can't help it. Slap a clearance sticker on something (or 10 somethings) and I just can't reisist.

I just fell asleep with my computer in my lap. Time to wrap this up.

Cardigan: Target, Skirt: H&M, Cords: Old Navy, Shoes, Target

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Inspired by: The Clothes Horse

Okay, I have to admit what a giant dork I am. Yesterday evening, I was posting an entry and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had a few comments. Truthfully, I was more than pleasantly surprised, I was overjoyed. I think I may have squealed aloud...and done a happy dance on the couch. Wow! Such a small thing. One was from my dear roommate who encouraged me to start this blog. But the other was from a complete stranger!! Oh, it was such a lovely moment. Made me feel like a total loser for not commenting (ever) on any of the blogs I have been religiously reading for months. I adore those blogs and feel like such a jerk for lurking like some creepy stalker. So...
Dear Clothes Horse, Keiko Lynn, Orchid Grey, and Lulu Letty (and many others),
I vow to change my stalker ways and leave a little comment when i enjoy reading something on your blog or admire an outfit of yours. Granted, I love ALL of your posts so this could be daily and add up to lots of commenting. Hmmm, how about I just promise to try harder to be a considerate admiring fan of your lovely blogs.
Aubsent from Texas

This leads right into today's outfit. It was inspired by an outfit I came across a while ago on Rebecca of The Clothes Horse's blog. (the third one down) I loved the vivid tights with the pattern of the shirt. She's awesome.

Shirt: Old Navy sale, Skirt and Tights: Gap clearance, Shoes: Kohl's clearance, Necklace: antique store in Georgia

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sorry for the blurry pictures. I take the photos myself using a nifty,little tripod thing that my roommate gave me. I take the photos in the morning as I am leaving for work. More often than not I am running late and just don't have time to fiddle with the camera. Eventually I will learn how to take decent pictures. Until then bear with me :)

I have seen people take amazing pictures with a simple digital camera but I have no idea how they do it. I imagine there must be a book of website out there titled: How to Make the Most of a Point and Shoot for Dummies. It's on my to do list to google that.

I bought this frilly, poofy, fancy skirt on clearance at Anthropologie. (side note: I adore everything in that store and wish I had money to burn so I could buy something from there that is not on clearance). I saved the receipt and kept the tags on it because I was unsure if I would be able to make it work. I played dress up a few times before trying this chambray shirt dress. It keeps the outfit from being too fussy. These ankle boots are a few years old and I go back and forth on whether or not I like them. meh. I have a new pair of ankle boots due to arrive any day from Seychelle's. My first pair of Seychelle shoes!!! happy dance!!!!!

Shirt dress: Anthropologie clearance, Skirt: Anthropologie clearance, Boots: Simply Vera Wang sale from Kohl's, Belt & Necklace: Target, Bangles: all over

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A is for amazing

I love this outfit. Love it! What is it about high-waisted pencil skirts? This top is a wee bit scandalous for school. I find myself holding the neckline every time I leaned forward because it is super low cut. I like these two together though. The buttery cream, satin of the top, paired with the pattern and cut of the skirt...makes me happy! The shoes were a hand-me-down from a friend. They are both comfortable and cute. Rare for free shoes.

I don't have much to say today so on the the pictures.

Top: Porridge thrifted, Skirt: Banana Republic thrifted, Belt: Target, Shoes: Rocket Dog (hand-me-down), Necklace: gift

Monday, November 15, 2010

vintage wannabe

So I like vintage dresses but i just haven't found a bay area vintage, resale shop that I adore. Scratch that, I haven't even found one to frequent. So anything vintage I own I buy from my FAVORITE place in Austin. I make my sister take me there every time i make it to Austin for a visit. New Bohemia Retro Resale. It's wonderful. Anything I buy there I get complimented on EVERY time I wear it. This dress is no exception. When random people in Walgreen's refer to you as the "lady in the pretty pink dress", you can't help but smile.

I wanted to wear this dress today but it's been chilly so i was stuck on how to layer it up. Last night I was trying to decide: What color tights, what shoes, what sweater? I got my roommate in on it and she pointed out that it was going to be in the 70's. Problem solved for now. I was just reading a post by Ordinarily Urbane about transition pieces. That is so where I am at right now! I am not ready to pack away my summer clothes. For one, the weather is so schizophrenic that I can still wear my summer clothes. And I just love them so :) As long as the weather indulges me, I'll keep the summer dresses in my circulation.

Cardigan: Target $10, belt: Target $15, vintage dress: New Bohemia $15, Oxfords: Frye thrifted from Mirabel $60

Friday, November 12, 2010

shop often, shop cheap

Here goes my attempt to switch gears and change the focus of this blog. Farewell LiveJournal! Created to keep my family informed of my life happenings once I left Texas yet again...my interest in blogging about life has waned. Having become a daily follower of way too many style and fashion blogs, I am inspired to start my own.
I worry that this endeavor is way to egocentric. Seriously, who cares what I wear everyday? You know what? I do! Life and work can be tedious and I get great pleasure out of fashion and clothing. My personal style is constantly changing as I try new things and add new pieces to my wardrobe. I get ideas from blogs, magazines and people on the street. This little blog will be my outlet, my means of further expressing myself.
Amateur photography on a crappy point and shoot that I have no idea how to use...check! Exciting locations like my living room...check! High fashion looks from target and thrift stores...double check! My name is Aubrey. I shop often and I shop cheap.

cardigan Anthropologie clearance, dress Sway, skirt Old navy clearance, belt Target, fishnets Kohls, socks Target, boots Steve Madden clearance