Thursday, April 26, 2012

whether you're a brother or whether you're mother

Now this is more like it

dress: vintage
belt: Target
earrings: H&M
wedges: Lela Rose for Target sale

bad habits

This dress is an example of a relapse into an old bad habit. I used to ALWAYS buy clothes that were a size or two too big. And by used to I mean just a couple years back. I suppose I was trying to hide my shape in shapeless, oversized clothes that hung poorly on me. Around the time I started blogging I gradually began buying clothes that fit me well. That coinciding with blogging and seeing tons upon tons of pictures of myself in many, many different has helped me so much to learn what looks good on me. Granted, my judgement fails me at times :) I wanted this dress and convinced myself that an XL would work if I belted it and covered it with a cardigan. I was wrong. I have worn it twice now and it's not working. I've got it cinched back on both sides and the fit is just off. I could have just deleted these but thought I'd throw them online. Maybe it will keep me honest...and away from clothes that don't fit.

dress: Jason Wu for Target clearance
sweater: JCrew resale
sandals: Lauren Conrad clearance
belt: Target

water marbled nails

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

laugh til I cry

 dress: Sway
bandeau: Forever 21
cardigan: GAP sale
Hella and State Love necklaces, Sacred Heart ring: Unpossible Cuts
Hawk wedges: Seychelles

I have almost sold this dress several times. In the end, each time I didn't because it has such unique details that I felt like it is a dress to hang on to. I finally bought one of those little lace bandeau tops to go under super low cut tops like the neckline of this dress. Modesty preserved. :)
I wore this to lunch with the amazingly, talented guys behind Unpossible Cuts. They are responsible for the beautiful necklaces I wear constantly. I picked up a few new pieces, including the gold stained, wooden, sacred heart ring I am wearing above. I did a photo shoot for them right when they were launching their website last summer and they asked me to model for them again. I get so self conscious posing when an actual person is holding the camera. I prefer my self timer any day but they will undoubtedly make me laugh until I cry and I'll forget to be shy eventually.

year round sequins

So I know that just yesterday I posted an outfit inspired by the stylish Keiko Lynn, but I actually wore that a week ago. Yesterday I wore this outfit, which ironically, was also inspired by another of her outfits. I feel like a total stalker but luckily blogs are intended to be followed so that makes stalking her blog totally acceptable. :)
During the holidays I went sequin crazy buying way more sequined items than any one person needs. Since the holiday parties ended and I have been reluctant to stow away my bedazzled clothing, I have been trying to find ways to rock my sequins on a day to day basis. Enter this outfit.

sequin top: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's clearance
chambray button up: GAP sale
jeans: Target
boots: Seychelles

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

spring spring spring

 I was battling the wind all day

top: Jason Wu for Target on clearance
skirt: Sway
heels: Steve Madden sale
jacket: GAP clearance
scarf: GAP gift
I was not thinking spring when I put this outfit on. Inspired by the mix of patterns in this post by Keiko Lynn, I decided to mix some patterns of my own. However, all day long I got comments on looking ready for spring. I have never worn this skirt to school. I typically have worn it high on my waist rather than lower on my hips as I wore it here. I was tugging it down all day because it kept creeping up my waist, getting shorter and shorter. I have no idea how people wear skirts or pants low on their hips. I have too much going on down there for anything to stay put. sigh.

Monday, April 9, 2012

lavender lately

 dress; Rory Becca for Forever 21
sweater: GAP clearance
boots: Simply Vera Wang from Kohl's
necklace: Unpossible Cuts

I have worn this dress, no joke, 4 times in the past week. I am obsessed. This is just one of the ways I've worn it and it is my favorite. The cropped sweater and wedge boots tone down how girly and fancy this dress is. I love the flow of the skirt, how it cascades behind me as I walk. sigh. So pretty. The fact that this cost me less than $30 makes it all the better.

I also wore this twice with a light, cotton cardigan in a matching shade of lavender. I belted it once and knotted it at my waist the other. Finally, I wore it with black tights and a long, black, belted sweater vest. So many possibilities.

I really need to snap pictures of my nails right after I paint them. Here they are all sorts of chipped and scraggly, but you get the idea.
Idea from here

Saturday, April 7, 2012

wind blown worked for me today

 top: H&M
skirt: resale
necklace: Crossroads
heels: Target

Surprisingly my hair looked much better once the wind had it's way with it. I had to hold it out of my face for almost every photo though. This apple print top is a current favorite, as is peplum anything. I have been busy, busy and not posting. I hope this weather keeps up because I am loving it! So long tights and hello bare legs.

Monday, April 2, 2012


wrap: Chico's gift
top: resale no tag
sweater: GAP 
skirt: resale
boots: Seychelle's Romance

I have found that I have loved this skirt when I've paired it with a green top. It doesn't look right with much else. However, the cut and length of it are just right...short but not too much, full skirt but a heavy material that I don't have to worry about blowing up ;)
It is a treasure of a resale find.