Monday, February 27, 2012

lie to me

 chambray top: GAP sale
dress: vintage
boots: Michael Kors resale
socks: gift
necklace: Sway

My weather app totally lied to me today! It said rain rain rain all day long. So I brought my umbrella, was all bummed out at the prospect of a Monday cooped up with my class all day long, no break in sight.

And instead we had sun sun sun. It was a gorgeously sunny, albeit chilly day. These kind of lies I can get used to.

Full disclosure...I did not wear this today. I am such a loser-face and I had sooooo many yet-to-be-posted outfits. So, days like today, when I don't get any shots of my outfit, I can cue up one of the many outfits I never posted.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

warm fuzzies

sweater: Forever 21
blouse: Forever 21
skirt: target
tights: Kohl's 
flats: Target
To be honest, I am still a bit surprised that I bought this sweater. It is not something I would normally wear, let alone buy. I have a dear friend who I regularly have to talk out of buying warm, fuzzy articles of clothing. In fact, I think she shops with me specifically to keep her from buying warm and fuzzy things. This sweater is the softest, warmest thing ever. My friend would be so proud :) 

Monday, February 20, 2012

trends, nails, donuts

 cardigan: Sway
skirt: Target sale
Romance boots: Seychelle's
necklace: Unpossible Cuts
 gold nail polish: Sally Hansen, glitter: OPI for Sephora
 Dynamo Donuts
Backwards cardigans have been popping up all over Pinterest and blog-land. I gave it a go this weekend and am still intrigued. This cardigan was not the best, while I did like the detailing at the back. The day was cold and I wasn't able to lose my jacket. Really, I wasn't a huge fan of this outfit. Meh. It happens.
However, this San Francisco necklace from Unpossible Cuts is being worn almost every day. LOVE it!!! As with all my Unpossible Cuts necklaces, this one gets comments almost everywhere I go. These guys are going to be huge and I'll be able to say I knew them way back when. :)
My nails are a result of a super lazy Saturday but came out pretty cool. As you can see, I am not overly concerned with getting them perfect.
And finally, Dynamo Donuts. After all the hype, I am kind of embarrassed to say that they were just alright. Nothing to write home about. I have had better breakfast pastries. Glad I went but won't be going out of my way to go back.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

pink and red all over

 skirt: jcrew clearance
top: Forever 21
belt: H&M
tights: Old Navy
heels: Jeffery Campbell
necklace: Sway

Happy Valentine's Day! I went all out with the pinks and reds today because...well why not get in the spirit of things. My students showered me with roses of all kinds. I got a real rose, a fake rose, a chocolate rose, and tons of "roses are red" poems. They are so sweet! My favorites though were the handwritten Valentine's Day notes they kept sneaking on to my desk all day long :) Cute cute cute!!! My day ended with a sappy, romantic, giggling and cryng the whole way through kind of a movie with a lovely, dear friend. Wonderful day!

And just because...a sneak peek at my newest Unpossible Cuts necklace. Love, love, love!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

new favorites

coat: GAP sale 
fur collar: H&M
belt: Old navy sale
jeans: Target
Romance boots: Seychelles

This coat was actually an exchange. My mom got me clothes from GAP for Christmas and a few items didn't fit. When I went to exchange them I instead found this gorgeous navy coat on massive clearance. I love it belted with this "fur" collar. This may be my new favorite thing to wear. I am not a pants person but I love this look. Now San Francisco needs to actually get cold enough for me to wear this. The day I wore this, it was so warm and I was forced to lose the coat and collar before noon. I would like the sunny weather to stick around until after my sister leaves. She is coming this weekend through Tuesday and has brought the rain just about every time she has been to visit. I am hoping this time the sun holds out.

paper mache

skirt: Kohl's clearance
top: Old Navy clearance
sweater: Anthro clearance
tights: Kohl's sale
boots: Michael Kors resale
necklace: gift
I started paper mache'ing hearts with my class today so I must have Valentine's Day on the brain. It came out in my outfit. It was a morning of trial and error trying to pair a top with this skirt and then getting tights that work with both. Finally, all of these items ended up on together and all was right :) But the paper mache...I started the project being fairly certain it was going to be a huge nightmare, chaotic and messy. Another teacher told me that trying it would drive me to drink. Paper mache with 31 10 year olds. But I am stubborn when I set my mind to something and went ahead. It was so wonderful! I had parents show up to help all day long.  My class did an amazing job and handled the mess and chaos better than I could have hoped. Happiness is fitting in art and scrapping the scantrons. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

not May yet

cords" jcrew resale
blouse: H&M clearance
sweater: Target
heels: Steve Madden sale
necklace: Francesca's Closet


 These heels get so much attention. They are pretty loud and proud. The weather has been so warm, which is great. However, it is totally confusing my students and making them bounce off the freaking walls. They are driving me nuts. It's barely February and they are acting like it's May. Grrrrrrr! Who can blame them, it feels like May.