Sunday, September 28, 2014

stitch fix #2


Stitch fix is the best thing EVER! It's Christmas and my birthday but kind of better b/c it's every month if I want (and can afford). My first fix was back in April or May I think and it was just okay. The style was not me at all but it actually worked out. I got a package (happy dance) of clothes (happy dance again) delivered to my door. I couldn't really afford to have kept everything in it so it was good that I only liked one sweater.

When I checked out online I was brutally honest about the items not being my style and left a note for my stylist expressing this. I think I kind of went off about how I had specfically stated in my style profile that I almost never wear pants yet black leggings showed up in my first fix.

Well, it worked! My second fix arrived on Friday and it was dead on! Behold...
 First up and my favorite was this cute polka dot dress, it came with the belt and I paired it with ankle boots since fall is coming.
 Here it is with the striped moto stylist included a note, saying she had seen a similar jacket on my pinterest board. Bonus points! You can link pinterest boards to your style profile.
 The third piece was this burgundy, keyhole dress. Perfect for layering this fall!
 Burgundy dress with the moto jacket
 My stylist recommended layering a knotted chambray shirt over the dress...she clearly knows me so well!
 The fourth piece was this light blue silk blouse with magenta trim. I tried it with this grey lace skirt. Meh.

 Untucked with jeans and the moto jacket. Much better
 The fifth piece was the turquoise and gold lariat necklace I am wearing in every photo. It's beautiful and unlike anything I own. 

As you can tell I am soooo pleased with this fix. The downside is that I wanted everything. The only piece I wasn't crazy about was the jacket. It was a bit big. However, if you keep all 5 items you get 25% off so it was actually cheaper to keep the jacket than send it back.  If you are interested in getting a fix of your own here's a link. Get your own fix.