Wednesday, September 12, 2012

alleviating buyer's remorse

dress: Forever 21
blazer: super old
top: Sway
cherry blossom necklace: [un]possible cuts
heels: Aerosoles

 Stripes again. I can't believe how many ways I have found to wear this dress! When I bought it I was definitely NOT thinking, "This lavender, high-low, striped, sheer, low cut dress is going to be super versatile." I bought it thinking it was pretty and feeling like I shouldn't buy it because I would never wear it. So, when I bought it I immediately set out to prove myself wrong and to alleviate my guilt at buying such a frivolous article of clothing, that I didn't need. I think I wore it three days in a row that first week and styled it differently each time.

Do you have something hanging in your closet, unloved and rarely worn? Does it evoke buyer's remorse each time you push it aside to reach for the boring, safe blouse/t-shirt/tank you wear constantly? Pull that item out and take a risk. You'll be glad you did. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

yikes stripes

dress, cardigan: Target
necklace: Alameda Antique Fair
belt: from a skirt from F21
platforms: Blowfish resale
lipstick: Rouge in Love Lancome
Do yall remember Fruit Stripe gum? I mainly remember it being all the rage when I was in middle school for whatever reason. The flavor lasted for like 2 seconds and then it became hard as cement. Fruit stripe gum, also makes me think of the boy I had a crush on in middle school. It was, of course, an unrequited crush but that didn't stop me from hanging on to it for 3 years ;) Ahhh middle school.

I played around with a few different effects in Picasa, what do you think?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the boots are out

dress: Anthro clearance
sweater: Lauren Conrad clearance
boots: Simply Vera Wang clearance
 doe necklace: [un]possible cuts
I know that summer is coming to an end when I start gravitating towards boots again. These wedge boots are one of my all time favorite purchases. I waited patiently for them to go on sale after spying and coveting them on Sydney of The Daybook's blog. Like most things at Kohl's, if you just wait a couple weeks, they will go on sale and I swooped them up. I love the contrast of a sweet, feminine dress with tough boots. Fall is in the air, I can feel it coming. Boots today, so tights can't be far off.