Tuesday, October 22, 2013

sassy pants...unseen archives

jeans: Target
top: GAP gift
cardigan: AE (circa 2004)
Ampersand heels: Seychelles
necklace: Francesca's closet

This is pretty much the only set of photos showing this haircut where my head doesn't look oddly shaped. I liked it for a half a second and then have to endure growing these bangs out. This is March I think so it's been a long time coming. Don't you hate that? A haircut that you like in the chair and on day 1 but once you wash it, you hate it? Ugh. So, the outfit though. I felt a tad bit too sassy for school in this, meaning I loved this outfit.  I rarely wear jeans so I assume this was a Friday. Am I ready for the weekend or what? I need to unearth this outfit from my closet and give it another go.

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