Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the elephant in the room

Floral print and sheer details make me swoon. So when I stumbled across this little number at Crossroads in the city, it was a no brainer. The sweater, intended to ward off the chill morning, ended up looking frumpy. While my intention was effortless and casual. You win some, you lose some. I wore this to an in-service training today and these heels earned me some sideways glances. As an elementary school teacher, I often get snide comments about the way I dress. I would never, ever single out fellow teachers who dress casually or try to make them feel bad for dressing in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Yet, people seem to think the reverse is okay. One woman's vintage dress is another woman's sweatshirt. We all just want to feel like ourselves.

ps I've been hibernating these short winter days. Not enough daylight hours to take photos. I'll try to be better. Mwah!

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