Thursday, January 10, 2013

austin bright

tshirt: Parts and Labor (gift)
skirt: resale
cardigan: Target
ring:Melanie Lynn Jewelry
earrings: gift
boots: Seychelle's sale

I love finding ways to dress down dressy clothing. Party dresses, sequin anything I refuse to reserve these items for special occasions. Clothing is meant to be worn. So for a day of lunch date, errands, and spray painting I, of course, went with a colorful sequin skirt. Happy, happy, happy!


  1. Okay, this outfit is so playful and girly! Love it girl! You are adorable!
    xo TJ

  2. perfectly dressed down sequins. love it! you are adorable.

  3. thank you ladies! I appreciate you kind words ;)

  4. Hi Aubrey! That skirt is fantastic, I have a major sequin obsession at the moment in particular gold, and have also vowed not to just save them for special occasions! I might even do my own post all about it soon :) I'm new to the blogging world ( and am looking forward to reading more of your posts (especially if there's more sequins)!