Friday, August 15, 2014

in tandem

top: Jcrew clearance
skirt: Jcrew clearance
cardigan: GAP sale
wedges: Mia sale
necklace: Premier Jewelry
sugar skull earrings: [un]possible cuts

After a whirlwind summer that was bonkers even for me, we are in Texas and settling in. Aubsent no longer. Clearly, this photo is from my Castro Valley photo spot and was taken before school got out. Life has been so full, wonderfully so, and I have yet to find a place for blogging in my life. Leaving behind my dance group in the Bay is going to leave a huge gaping hole in my life. I was rehearsing or performing 2-5 nights a week. So maybe now is the time. As life in Texas takes shape, adjustments will have to be made and new routines will form. I am happy to be back while, in tandem, mourning the life I left behind. It's strange to feel two such opposite emotions at the same time. Joy and grief. 

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