Saturday, March 22, 2014

Aubsent No More

sheer dress: Free People resale
slip: GAP body
flats: Old Navy
cardigan: GAP

Well, the news is officially out and I guess it's time to share it on the blog. Come this summer, I will be absent from Texas no long. After six years in the bay area, I have decided to move home to Texas. It was a hard decision...hell, it's still a hard decision. I have doubts everyday but ultimately, I know that as for long range goals, moving back now is the right decision. Sigh, even as I type it I feel fear and doubt in the pit of my stomach. And ache to think of missing my life and my friends in California.
I'm excited as well. I've missed being close to family and am so excited to live with in driving distance once more. No more lonely Thanksgivings or missed family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations! And Thunderstorms! I have missed Thunderstorms and warm Texas nights and Tex-Mex.
Does this mean I need to change the name of my blog?

Friday, March 21, 2014


skirt: resale
top: Old Navy gift
sweater: Old Navy
necklace: Premier Jewelry gift
pirate bunny pin: [un]possible cuts
wedges: Target sale

I look ready for St Patrick's Day, don't I? I have this think that I don't even think I realize I do, where on holiday weeks, I dress up for that holiday all week long. On the week of Valentine's Day, I am pretty sure I wore some version or pink or red every single day. The week leading up to St Patty's, I, all of a sudden, rediscovered every green item in my closet. 
Easter's approaching. Pastels, I'm coming for you!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

not matching

boots: Popsugar from Kohl's clearance
dress: H&M
blouse: uniqlo clearance

This dress is an odd one. Every time I have worn it in more of a safe, conventional way, I have been monumentally unimpressed. Like here. So boring. One the other hand, I pull it together with pieces that I am sure don't belong (like so), and think to myself, "No Aubrey, why are you even trying this on?" And these outfits I like. 
Polka dot bouse, brown ankle boots that look awful with everything, floral dress. How does that work? You know, maybe it doesn't and I am the only person digging this outfit...but hey, I like what I like.