Thursday, August 18, 2011

Featured and Functional

dress: Forever 21 resale
sandals: H&M
necklace: Sway

Aaaaaaahhhhhh! I am so excited! The lovely Misty of An Unpretentious Teacher featured me on her blog! Go here to see the post. I am beyond honored, I'm just plain old thrilled! Yay!

I'm headed back to the classroom for more unpacking so of course the obvious outfit is a mini dress. Riiiiiight. I am not in the mode for jeans or shorts or sweats or anything remotely appropriate for lugging boxes. Ahhhhh the beauty of being an adult. I wear what I want! My only concession to functionality is that I am not wearing heels. See how practical I am :)

One week until teachers have to be back. I am so happy to have a full time job but I really hate this point in the year. In my heart I know that I will do great and things will be fine. However, the unknown of it always makes me so anxious. The getting ready, the moments leading up to the morning my students walk through the's the worst. And I feel it everytime I get a new class. So to stave off said panic I am devouring books with titles like: "The Reading and Writing Classroom," "Igniting a Passion for Reading," and "Comprehension Connections" to keep my mind busy. I must have bought at least 10 teacher resource books off of Amazon this summer. So much for beach reads. Anyways, lots of anxiety but mostly excitement and gratitude for the coming year.

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