Saturday, June 23, 2012

scratched lens

blouse: Forever 21
shorts: Forever 21
sandals: H&M
cherry blossom necklace: [un]possible cuts

For the next few days that remain in June, [un]possible cuts is having sale on their gorgeous, unique necklaces. Two for $30. Click this link and get them while the getting is good ;)

I am still experimenting with different locations at my new place. There are plenty of places with good this point I think the real problem is my camera phone. Finding places with good light and then finding somewhere to prop it up that is a good angle. Ugh. What a pain! And I am pretty sure I have dropped my phone too many times. The lens is scratched and it may be time to suck it up and get a real camera. I just am so reluctant to buy something I can't afford. I don't want to get just any cheap camera but I have never put something on my credit card that I didn't have the money in my bank account to pay off immediately. It is this reservation that puts me in the minority of young adults who does not have credit card debt. But people do it all the something and pay it off slowly. Maaaaaaaybe...

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