Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 dress: Vintage
necklace: Francesca's 
heels: Steve Madden sale

I can never, ever remember how to spell that word! It's one of those words for me. I think it's that it doesn't follow a common spelling pattern or maybe my silly brain refuses to hold on to that tidbit. What are your words that you always misspell? Google search bar just informed me that the first spelling is correct...but firefox spell check is underlining it. Hmmmm firefox says fuchsia but that looks wrong to me. Okay, you must be long past caring but. fun fact, it is fuchsia, named after German botanist Leonhart Fuchs. In America, it is commonly misspelled as fuschia. You can thank yahoo answers for that ;)

This is actually today...I am searching out new photo spots at my new place.

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