Thursday, June 30, 2011

mistaken identity

My internet was down yesterday so this did not make it up.

dress: Vintage
belt, shoes: Target
necklace: thrift store in GA
pin: given to me by this darling

I have heard many times that I look very different without my glasses. Ususally the implication is that I am more attractive without. Sometimes, meaning to complement me, people are borderline rude. I feel like, "Alright alright I get it! I look frumpy and troll-like when I wear glasses!!" But I like my glasses (ie hiding behind them). Plus, contacts are so not comfortable and I need a break now and again.

The reactions I get from my students the first time they see me without glasses are pretty funny. Yesterday, however, was the first time I had a student straight up not recognize me! I usually wear glasses for the first few days. I guess they seem more teacher-like to me. So yesterday I wore contacts and had my hair down. My students were writing in their journals and one little girl (lets call her Sara) raised her hand. I went over and asked what she needed. "Umm, what's your name?" she asked. I thought she had forgotten my name so i told her. She got this surprised look of "ohhhhhhhhhhhh" on her face and said, "Oh, it's you! Where are your glasses? Why is your hair different?" She thought I was a different teacher!!! So cute! And of course the rest of the class heard this and all had to individually shout out the very same questions even though they just heard me tell her. sigh...

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