Wednesday, July 6, 2011

at heart

skirt: vintage resale
blouse: GAP
wedges: Zara
belt: Target
necklace: Sway
hair: modified version of this tutorial by Sidewalk Ready

My internet has been down for a week and I have not been down to hoof it the one block to use free internet at my little corner cafe. Lazy! Honestly, I may not have gotten here had I not been walking past it on my way to the grocery store and seen the Happy Hour sign. $3 beer while I update the okay! I turned myself right around marched the one block back to my place, got my computer and now we are current.

You may notice the new surroundings. I am teaching summer enrichment for the month and have a new school to sneak around surreptitiously and snap outfit photos. Yup, I just said "surreptitiously" Okay, confession...I was that girl who would read on the bus in middle school and at sleepovers. I have 3 different library cards and have books checked out under all of them. Let me just proudly state that I will always be a nerdy little bookworm at heart :)

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