Monday, July 18, 2011

bandwagon hopper


cords: GAP clearance
tunic: resale no tag
wedges: Mia sale
belt: Target
necklace: Unpossible Cuts

I love love love this tunic. I love that it is a departure from my usual style. Denim and chambray seem to be all the rage this past year and the trend doesn't seem to be losing steam. I am not above hopping on the bandwagon.

Notice the necklace??? My friends at Unpossible Cuts launched their website this weekend. I modeled some of their jewelry for them so don't be surprised to see yours truly hamming it up...yeah, grinning awkwardly in embarrassment would be a more accurate phrase. Go check them out, show some love, buy some awesome jewelry. I have been wearing the seahorse necklace I got from them to death and last night they gave me a few more pieces. The lotus necklace you see here is one, you'll be seeing the rest later. They are in the process of adding everything so check back periodically to see their full line.

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