Monday, September 12, 2011

view from the bumper

skirt: Pins and Needles resale
button up: GAP
sequin tank: JCrew clearance
wedges: Lela Rose for Payless clearance
necklace: Unpossible Cuts
bag: Let Them Eat Cake from Sway
sunglasses: Walgreens

I broke my camera! My camera that I just got this January! Ugh! The tripod tipped over and the camera hit right on the extended lens. A totally random thing. I am careful with my camera and didn't realize the tripod was unbalanced. The lens didn't crack or anything. It wouldn't go back in at first so I messed with it...trying to straighten it out. That worked for a couple weeks but now it has gone in and won't come back out.
It's just a little canon powershot, nothing fancy. Most of what I read online says fixing it will cost more than it is worth. So now I have to decided if I want to suck it up and get a new camera.

That explains the crappy photos lately. I have had to use my phone and get creative with propping it up. Today I discovered that, in good light, the bumper of my car makes a perfect stand.

Check out my new shoes. I have been coveting these since I saw them on Kendi's blog but $60 is way too much to spend on shoes from Payless. Saturday I hit the jackpot because this entire line by Lela Rose was on massive clearance at the Westfield Payless. Woo freakin hoo!

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