Wednesday, September 7, 2011

pinafores are tough right?


 dress: Forever 21 cearance
tights: GAP sale
wedges: Forever 21
jacket: resale
necklace:Unpossible Cuts


Not sure where this outfit came from since I spent the day in my classroom getting ready for week two. I went to get dressed and my mind said, "pinafore and leather jacket please" so I complied. That being said I love this mix of tough and sweet. Like me :)  Okay, I wish I were tough. Really this is me trying to pretend like I'm tough. Did it work? Just say yes.

I have been obsessed with this bird love shadowbox necklace for a while now but had to promise not to wear it on the blog until they released it on their etsy site. Well, it's up, so get one while the getting is good!

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