Monday, October 3, 2011


 dress:resale from Crossroads 
sweater: Old Navy sale
tights: Old Navy
wedges: Forever 21
necklace: (un)possible cuts

Let the layering continue. I decided to take the cooler weather and run with it. Unfortunately, Sunday didn't turn out to be all that cool. It was a beautiful day in the East Bay. I spent the afternoon at the Alameda Antique Fair. The weather was ridiculous. So sunny and gorgeous! I wandered the bazillion aisles, pawing thru all sorts of stuff that gives meaning to the phrase..."One man's trash..." I found a few treasures of my own. Including a big turquoise framed mirror.
I left Alameda to head back to the city for a haircut at Revamp Salon. I had planned to go home and grade papers but leaving the salon, my hair was way too bouncy, swingy and shiny to stay cooped up in my house. So, I made a call and met up with some friends in North Beach. Cheap thai food with gin and tonics turned out to be the perfect way to end my Sunday.

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