Saturday, May 19, 2012

morning light

dress, cardigan, belt, flats: Target
green pin: gift
pirate bunny pin: Unpossible Cuts 

 plaid nail tutorial from The Beauty Department

I have been having so much fun trying the million nail tutorials out there. Fancy nails are definitely back...was it just me or were minimal nails "the thing" for a very long, hot second. I can't remember, ever in my life, caring about nail art. Now it's all over the place. Seriously, if you are one of those annoying people who refuses to jump on the pinterest bandwagon b/c everyone else is doing it, just stop. Get off your high horse and get on pinterest.

I made myself take my photos this morning before leaving for work. In other words, before the day did a number on my hair, snarling it to oblivion. I am pretty sure I have never shared the best hair tutorial in the entire world. I have wavy-straight hair with some texture to it and can't stand blow-drying and curling my hair everyday to get perfect waves. I am going to have to re-search and share this simple tutorial. If I do say so myself, I am having an amazing hair moment above and I didn't use any heat products  to achieve it. Do i sound like an infomercial yet? Well, I am going to have to leave you hanging. :) My students love/hate when I do that...when we have read aloud, I, without fail, always stop for the day at some cliffhanger moment and they all laugh and groan. So cute!

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