Sunday, May 20, 2012

headband curls with no heat

As promised I tracked down the links for, what I found out is called, headband curls. I found this through love, Maegan. The original youtube video was by lipstick diaries and is no longer available.
This video is good even though the girl has fine straight hair. It shows that this can work even if you have silky fine hair with little texture.
Here is another good video.
One more

This is really versatile so play around with it to figure out how to make it work for your hair. I often wake up with the morning, dampen my hair slightly and leave this in while I get ready and take it out when I get to work. I don't usually use any product except to hairspray it when I take it down. I get the best results when I do this on damp hair at night and sleep on it.

Here are somethings to consider
  • the thickness of the head band: different materials and thicknesses give different results
  • the placement of the headband: don't get discouraged if this looks awful the first time you try. Play around with the headband placement and try again. 
  • the thickness of the pieces:  Thin, tightly wrapped pieces give tighter curls. Thick, looser wrapped pieces give big waves. 
  • the type of product: using product can give more hold, fight frizz, do whatever your hair needs. Figure out what works for you
  • If your hair is too wet it will never dry, not even overnight. Either let air dry or blow dry until slightly damp.
My results
overnight, thin headband, thick pieces, tight wrap

morning, thin headband, loose wrap, thick pieces

thick headband, tight wrap

thin headband, left in all day on damp hair

I hope this helps. Have fun and let me know if you try it and how your results turn out!

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