Sunday, May 20, 2012

surprisingly versatile

dress: vintage caftan (??)
top: Francesca's Collection
skirt: resale
tights:Hue sale
heels: Target
necklace: Sway
belt: Target

This is an outfit that just came together through trial and error. It started with the tights and I love how it turned out. As you can see the caftan thing (no idea what this article of clothing is) catches every breeze and floats behind me.I am surprised at how versatile it has turned out to be. Click "caftan" below to see.

I am spending my Sunday hiding inside from Bay to Breakers shenanigans. I went to Bay to Breakers two years ago and wild doesn't come close to expressing the craziness that ensued in the streets of San Francisco. It's actually a 7 mile run from the bay, across the city to the Pacific. That starts at 7am. But many, many people show up around 8 am and walk the 7 miles in themed, group costumes. They walk and binge drink the day away. The streets along the route are teeming with half naked, throngs of drunken, lewd humanity. I am not feeling in that sort of a mood today, so inside I stay. Even though my street is at least 5 or 6 blocks from the route I have been listening to groups of people yelling and carrying on all morning long.

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