Tuesday, February 26, 2013

do they know?

 denim tunic: resale
tights: Target
flats: Old navy
sweater: J Crew clearance
belt: Target
skirt: H&M

This was a sunny weekend that my bright, sunny, deceptively warm apartment tricked me into under-dressing. It was sunny but not near warm enough for this outfit. I wore this to the farmer's market and was mortified to get home and discover that the lining of the skirt had worked it's way up, so as not to cover what it was meant to cover. Granted I had tights on and the lace part of the skirt was in place but still...so embarrassing. It's like those women who wear black legging that are not as opaque as they need to be. I always wonder, do they know that they might as well not be wearing pants, for all those stretched out, too sheer, worn through leggings are covering?  

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