Monday, December 19, 2016

bump week 26

dress: Old Navy
cardi: Target
tights: Target
booties: Tom's

I am definitely feeling MUCH bigger and looking much bigger too. This dress was probably the last non-maternity purchase I made, thinking it would accommodate my growing belly. It does accommodate but I wouldn't say it's very forgiving. It's a whole lot of plaid. 

I honestly didn't care for this look. There is a reason to buy maternity clothes. Even though this dress is long enough and big enough, it just didn't fit properly and as a result I felt uncomfortable in it. I am at the end of my second trimester and it's hard to believe I am just going to get bigger.

Overall, I feel very lucky. People constantly ask how I am feeling and I have felt great throughout. I haven't been sick or uncomfortable at all. If my clothes not fitting is my biggest problem, I count myself fortunate. 

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