Friday, February 24, 2017

bump week 36

 36 weeks is no joke! More tired, more heavy, more uncomfortable, more swelling. That being said, baby and I are doing well. She's super active, kicking all the time. At my appointment this week, they estimated that she weighs around 6 lb 12 oz, which seems crazy. While I feel bigger this week, it just doesn't seem real that an almost 7 lb baby is in there. I don't feel big enough to be carrying a baby that big. My dad pointed out that I was born when my mom was 35 weeks, so I'd already be holding her if she came as early as I did. I am perfectly content to have her stay put and keep growing for a few more weeks.

I got to get dressed up this past weekend for my aunt's wedding. Dressed up these days means no compression socks and squeezing into these boots. You can see on my face that I am more tired and uncomfortable, but overall I feel good. It could be worse.
dress: Old Navy Maternity
kimono: Macy's
boots: Target
earrings: Target

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