Tuesday, February 7, 2017

bump week 34

Holy moly, right?

She is getting so big and so I am I. I definitely get out of breath doing anything...walking, talking, walking + talking, putting on my shoes, getting out f bed or off the couch. My feet ankle (cankles uuuuugh!) situation never abates and Jeremie feels sorry enough for me that he will give me foot massages. I'm down to Ugg boots, one pair of flats, and flip flops that fit. Not even my Tom's fit my swollen, grotesque feet! They both amaze and horrify me. :) Thankfully it's not painful, just strange. My MIL went shoe shopping with me last weekend to try to find some cute shoes that would fit. I bought a pair of ankle boots, but nothing looks normal, let alone cute with swollen ankles. So I'll make due with what I have and save cute new shoes for normal size feet.

Still feeling good though. Apparently, I make a variety of noise in my sleep these days. Whining, sighing, groaning. Sometimes I wake myself up or catch myself doing it as I am falling asleep. I am just a menagerie of strange quirks and odd behavior, but I still love it. Still feel privileged to have this experience.

Jeremie likes to talk to her and try to get her to kick, which she sometimes does. He's going to be the sweetest dad. We are both getting more and more excited as I near 40 weeks. The weeks are flying by now and though I still have so much to do, I know it will be fine. We will be as ready as we can and our life will change. Can't wait!

dress: Old Navy maternity
Cardigan: Paperline Boutique
flats: Target

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