Tuesday, February 28, 2017

bump week 37

I think she grew a ton over night b/c I woke up feeling much bigger. People must get sick of me saying each week how much bigger I've gotten, but it's true. It's fascinating and super weird to watch your body change in this way and you can't not talk about it.

I got curtains for her room this past weekend though I am not sure when I'll put them up. My lovely best friend bought the rest of the cloth diapers I'll need. So many people have given so generously to us and words can't describe how that feels. We all feel so loved and cared for and supported. So thank you. Thank you for the kind words, sweet comments, gifts, help, gift cards, donations. Thank you! When I lived in Kiribati, I remember marveling at their sense of community and closeness, feeling like as Americans, we don't have the same feeling of community. We are too big, too independent, too spread out. But this experience is showing me that we do pull together and take care of one another, celebrate with one another, show up in countless ways. Its different, but it's community none the less.

Ha! Pregnant and emotional much?

Jeremie is ready for her to be here. We had agreed that we were pulling for her due date, but he has jumped ship and is ready to meet her. Sigh. I am still hoping for March 17th, but as I have no say in the matter, I'm just taking it day by day. She'll come when she comes. I've gotten much of my checklist done. Car seat in car, stroller assembled, diapers ready, sub plans mostly done, maternity leave approved, hospital bag started. Spring break is next week and I don't even know what I'll do with myself. Wait to meet this baby I guess.
Week 37 - Week 25
dress: Old Navy Maternity
sweater: Motherhood Maternity 
scarf: Target
flats: Target

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