Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I woke up this morning feeling sick. ugh! I thought to myself that I would spend the day in bed resting up since I leave for CO tomorrow. However by 10 am I was bored bored bored! How taxing can getting dressed and running errands be??? So I put on my red platforms, that never fail to cheer me up (lets hope they have healing powers as well).

Oh! funny story! Some of my mom's friends in Dallas read my blog and I guess they were discussing it the other day. Well Fiction (nickname, obviously) claimed to have figured out the method to the madness of how I get dressed every day. She said i must just have a butt load of clothes (I don't) and have them scattered all over my room (somewhat true). So in the morning I just get out of bed, throw my body into my closet and put on whatever I land on. Yes, Fiction, this is exactly how I do it! Thankfully I have yet to fall on the mumu, athletic sock, pink stilettos combination. :)

dress: Sway
cardigan: American Apparel resale
tights: GAP
necklace: target
platforms: Jeffery Campbell


  1. love the shoes, makes a prefect outfit!!

  2. i totally want you to try that way of getting dressed sometime. reminds me of a time in high school when 2 of my guy friends were tired of waiting for me to figure out what to wear so i let them chose my outfit for me...!
    love this look, btw. and what's the conclusion on healing powers of the jeffery campbell's?

  3. platforms...not so medicinal :)
    Thanks yall for the sweet comments