Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I was super indecisive today. I got dressed, changed, changed back. Then went outside to take photos. Looked at the photos, then went back inside and changed again!! Sometimes you try to make something work and it just doesn't. It just big, fat doesn't. I probably should have just chosen something else entirely and started from scratch but I'm a stubborn one. So now I have two sets of outfit photos. I need some feedback. Which one works...or perhaps neither does. That's okay too.
I felt like wearing this maxi dress as a skirt today. I first paired it with a white top with yellow stripes, a marigold cardigan, a belt and a beanie. Then I felt like I had too much yellow and orange going on...kind of like the sun threw up all over me. Here it is...

dress (worn as skirt): Macy's
top: H&M
Cardigan: GAP clearance
belt: Target
boots: Seychelles

So then I tried to tone it down. I lost the belt and beanie. I switched the all the yellow for a tan sweater and added a coral necklace.

sweater: GAP clearance
necklace: Crossroads

So what do you think? I am incapable of decisions today :( On a side note I go back to work tomorrow after 3 weeks of leisure. Sadly, the midday chair photos will be coming to an end so I need to throw a few more in for good measure :)


  1. Not sure which look I like better. They are both great! :)

    <3 kris&kel

  2. i like option 1! and i LOVE that dress/skirt--why have i not seen it before...?...

  3. Sometimes it's so hard to pick! But I love what you ended up with :)

  4. Love all of these! You look wonderful in gold and coral and maxi skirts! I would wear this in a heartbeat.

  5. wow thats so great! i love the necklace :) your blog is fabulous!

  6. i love the dress that you're wearing as a skirt!! the pattern is absolutely beautiful and i think the first outfit with the beanie really worked. both outfits are lovely though. :)

    cute and little
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  7. WOW. Hello! Great to meet you! And I'm wowing all over the place over that skirt. K that sounded weird but you get what I'm saying, yes? It's incredible, and I just LOVE the colors both ways you styled it!

  8. Lovin the maxi!


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  9. First time stopping by, you have great style and lovin' the two very different looks with that one fabulous skirt!! xoxo

  10. You are such an overachiever with the two looks :) I love the pattern at the bottom of your maxi! Very cute.

  11. I think the first styling is my favorite--I picked it out of the entire page of EBEW looks as a favorite! That pose in the chair is pretty fun too.