Wednesday, December 14, 2011

mocked by Anthropologie, as per usual

 dress: H&M
sweater: Old Navy clearance
belt: Kohl's
tights: Target
botos: Simply Vera Wang from Kohl's
necklace: Unpossible Cuts
The new Anthropologie catalog is as beautiful and unattainable as ever. One thought kept running thru my mind as I leaf past gorgeously style photo after photo..."These bitches are crazy!" I sat shivering in my apartment gazing longingly and disapprovingly at bare legs and strapless dresses. It is winter Anthropologie. Please do not mock me and my double layered tights and bulky sweaters by parading ads of stylish women in summer gear across the pages of your catalog that lands on my doorstep in December. It's just mean. Mean and wrong.

That being said, this was my interpretation of one photo in the catalog. It was of a light polka dot dress with a chucky knit sweater, thick belt and sherpa ankle boots. Oh and of course bare legs (shaking my fist at you Anthro). I have two pairs of tights on and a tshirt under my dress. It's freakin cold here no matter what the dumb ANthropologie catalog tries to get me to believe.

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