Monday, February 27, 2012

lie to me

 chambray top: GAP sale
dress: vintage
boots: Michael Kors resale
socks: gift
necklace: Sway

My weather app totally lied to me today! It said rain rain rain all day long. So I brought my umbrella, was all bummed out at the prospect of a Monday cooped up with my class all day long, no break in sight.

And instead we had sun sun sun. It was a gorgeously sunny, albeit chilly day. These kind of lies I can get used to.

Full disclosure...I did not wear this today. I am such a loser-face and I had sooooo many yet-to-be-posted outfits. So, days like today, when I don't get any shots of my outfit, I can cue up one of the many outfits I never posted.

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