Tuesday, February 14, 2012

pink and red all over

 skirt: jcrew clearance
top: Forever 21
belt: H&M
tights: Old Navy
heels: Jeffery Campbell
necklace: Sway

Happy Valentine's Day! I went all out with the pinks and reds today because...well why not get in the spirit of things. My students showered me with roses of all kinds. I got a real rose, a fake rose, a chocolate rose, and tons of "roses are red" poems. They are so sweet! My favorites though were the handwritten Valentine's Day notes they kept sneaking on to my desk all day long :) Cute cute cute!!! My day ended with a sappy, romantic, giggling and cryng the whole way through kind of a movie with a lovely, dear friend. Wonderful day!

And just because...a sneak peek at my newest Unpossible Cuts necklace. Love, love, love!

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