Thursday, February 9, 2012

paper mache

skirt: Kohl's clearance
top: Old Navy clearance
sweater: Anthro clearance
tights: Kohl's sale
boots: Michael Kors resale
necklace: gift
I started paper mache'ing hearts with my class today so I must have Valentine's Day on the brain. It came out in my outfit. It was a morning of trial and error trying to pair a top with this skirt and then getting tights that work with both. Finally, all of these items ended up on together and all was right :) But the paper mache...I started the project being fairly certain it was going to be a huge nightmare, chaotic and messy. Another teacher told me that trying it would drive me to drink. Paper mache with 31 10 year olds. But I am stubborn when I set my mind to something and went ahead. It was so wonderful! I had parents show up to help all day long.  My class did an amazing job and handled the mess and chaos better than I could have hoped. Happiness is fitting in art and scrapping the scantrons. :)

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