Monday, November 19, 2012

90's "vintage"

shorts: Forever 21
top: super old
cardi: target
tights: Kohl's
platforms: Blowfish resale
mustache necklace: [un]possible cuts   

This was one of those lovely, warm days recently that I just enjoyed because I knew it wouldn't last and that this late in the year we were lucky to have. I have worn this little floral crop top a bunch but I don't think it's even been on here. I love it because it is something I got back in high school, though back then I probably wore it with low rise shorts or something equally horrific. Pretty sure I bought this at Gadzooks...remember that place?? So, anyways, I lost some weight a year or two ago and decided to pull out some clothes I had stored away and hadn't looked at since before Peace Corps. sigh. Such a girl thing to do. Lose a few pounds and pull out your high school clothes. God I'm cliche. Well, surprisingly this top fit. Not sure how since when I rocked it back in the late 90's I was tragically flat chested, and now I no longer have that problem. But it fit and actually fit into my wardrobe of high waisted skirts. So here it is. Is 90's clothing vintage yet?

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