Tuesday, November 13, 2012

plaguing me

skirt: resale
top: Forever 21
lovebirds necklace: [un]possible cuts
wedge sandals: Target 

As you can see, this gorgeous, sunny day was crazy windy. This blouse is the item in my closet, currently plaguing me. I always have one. One item that has elements that I love but as a whole I can never quite make work. Looking at you ugly skirt and lavender dress. I love the sheer material and ruffles on this blouse. I love sweet, little peter pan collar and sleeves. But the darn thing doesn't look right with anything!! So, if you have followed me for a while, you know that it is now my mission to make this blouse work. Stay tuned. ;)

1 comment:

  1. i've owned a similar black one for two years.. just pulled it back out of my closet and suddenly it goes with everything! :)