Saturday, November 17, 2012

vintage luck

dress: vintage
belt: target
necklace: Sway
headband: Aldo
wrap: Chico's gift
wedge sandals: Mia  

I don't own a ton of vintage. I think it is because in the bay area, vintage is pretty popular so it's also expensive. It's hard to find good vintage items that aren't exorbitantly priced. Being the thirfty little spender that I am, buying vintage isn't an option for me. But this dress here, well, it found me. 
 I was perusing the aisles of the Alameda Antique Fair, one Sunday morning. Probably chowing down on a ridiculously large bag of kettle corn. My friend Deja will tell you that I unfailingly gravitate toward any booth displaying dresses or ladies clothing of any kind. Not at all surprising. So as she and the other people we were there with drifted along ahead of me, I had stopped to scan the racks at a little vintage clothing booth. Most of it was either crazy expensive or hideous. This little pink number was hidden between something paisley and something lace and it was marked way down. Hooray! I dropped my purse and kettle corn and tried it on right there over my clothes, barely believing my good luck.


  1. perfect score! it's lovely, especially the buttons.

  2. Beautiful!! You look amazing in this dress.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post... Pops of Color.


  3. The buttons are my favorite part too!
    Thank you Sofia. I'll definitely check out your blog :)