Friday, November 9, 2012

aka maroon

skirt: Nordstrom Rack clearance
blouse: Lauren Conrad, Kohl's sale
octo-love necklace: [un]possible cuts
wedge sandals: Target

These were taken a few weeks back before the weather took a turn for fall. It has been a while since mint and coral were all the rage and, I have to say, I am not over it yet. I am still loving both colors, separate or together. I know now that fall is here, I should be all about the oxblood trend. I'm not. I'm over that or just annoyed by it. Maybe it's because they should just call maroon maroon. Maybe it's because oxblood (maroon) washes me out. Either way. Over it. 
Yall have advance permission to laugh and point when, in 2 weeks, I am singing the praises of everything maroon, as I show up late to the oxblood party.

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