Tuesday, January 17, 2017

bump week 31

 dress: Target
cardigan: J Crew
ankle boots: Kohl's

This past weekend my best friend threw me a baby shower. It was actually my second shower, as my other dear friend surprised me with a Bay Area shower when I went to visit in November. That shower was smaller and more intimate. This shower was much bigger with lots of friends, coworkers, family, and family friends. I have been so humbled by the love and support people have showered us with as we get ready to enter with new phase of our lives. I'm so lucky to be able to share my excitement with the people I love both in California and Texas. I have one more shower in two weeks. It's down in Houston because all of my extended family live in San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. Dallas would have been too far of a drive for most of them to come to the Dallas shower.

I went shopping before this shower, thinking I would find a dress to wear. When the day came, I decided to go with a non-maternity dress that I've had from a couple years ago. It was stretched to capacity but I liked the color. Jeremie keeps commenting that I can't get any bigger. I tell him to just wait and see.

Still feeling good. Heavy, but good. My rings and shoes have been more snug, so I think that 3rd trimester swelling is happening. Not excited about that. The past week or two I have been staying up later...10-11 pm. This week I am back to early bedtimes because I have been more tired once again.

Finally, I started setting up the baby's room. My dad and I put together the crib, I bought a used glider off craigslist, and she has more newborn clothes than she could ever have time to wear. Jeremie says I'm nesting, but it's hard to not spend all my spare time reading baby books, organizing baby stuff, and making plans. It's all consuming. Enjoyable, but all consuming.

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