Sunday, January 1, 2017

bump week 28 part 2

top: Motherhood Maternity
jeans: Old Navy
boots: Target
jacket: Forever 21

Week 28 again. I may be getting overzealous with the bump posts, or maybe I finally have leisure time for the first time in a long time. School starts back shortly and I imagine I will be overworked and exhausted again. Well, not exhausted. Since being pregnant I go to bed around 8:30 or 9, so I am not exhausted. But going to bed that early leaves no time for anything but my ridiculous 9-10 hour work day, dinner, and one episode of the Office before I am ready for bed. Jeremie tells everyone how I try to start dozing off on the couch around 7:30 and it's true some nights.

I will probably laugh at myself in a few weeks and take this back, but I have really been loving pregnancy. I have felt great and love the experience of growing and changing as our baby grows inside me. Granted I've been lucky thus far. Hardly any nausea in the first trimester and overall I have not had any difficult side effects or symptoms. Again, I am sure my days are numbered, but I am truly enjoying them. 

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