Tuesday, January 31, 2017

bump week 33

 dress: Old Navy maternity
sweater: Old Navy maternity
sash: David's Bridal
boots: Target

My last shower was in Houston this weekend. It was all family and I had such a great time celebrating baby with my aunts, parents, siblings, and cousins. It was yet another beautiful party and I was both amazed and humbled by the love put into each detail. My favorite part was when everyone shared a memory. Some of them had be in tears as my relatives are quite the comedians.

This week it feels as though someone has taken a bicycle pump and inflated me. The swelling, the belly...fun times :) Despite that, still feeling good, though my OB warned me that after week 32 "the party is over" for most pregnant women.

Now that the showers are over, it's time to finish setting up baby's room. And write thank you cards. And pack a hospital bag. And finalize my maternity leave. And plan for my substitute. Ugh! Long to-do lists are my nemesis.

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