Saturday, November 26, 2011

land of plenty

dress: vintage
sweater: Lauren Conrad from Kohl's 
tights: F21
platforms: blowfish resale
necklace: Alameda Antique Fair

Day two in LA was Thanksgiving. My old islandmate Jeanette and I had decided that since we weren't going home for the holiday we should get together and cook a meal together. Five years ago we had assembled a makeshift, island Thanksgiving with our other islandmate John. My neighbor killed two chickens, I had powdered mashed potatoes, gravy, and box stuffing carried back from the states. So far away from home, we stuffed ourselves, laid on my sleeping platform and reminisced on what our families were doing on the other side of the world without us. It was a bittersweet, nostalgic day that is one of my favorite memories from that time. 
Back in the land of plenty, we put together a magnificent feast and were joined by a couple of Jeanette's friends. The day involved several walks on the Strand. These were snapped while the turkey was cooking and during our post meal walk.

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