Saturday, November 19, 2011

9 days!!!

 dress; Old Navy clearance
boots: Seychelle's Romance
tights, socks: Kohl's 
belt: Target
scarf: on loan from Erin J
Oh, glorious, amazing, fantastic, undeniably enviable week off of school!! I jerked awake at 7 and frantically grabbed for my phone since my bleary eyes could not make out the numbers on my alarm clock. My heart dropped in panic, which was immediately followed by the realization that it was Saturday. When I remember that this Saturday is the first day in my 9 days of vacation I smiled and blissfully sank back to sleep.

My friend at Unpossible Cuts commented that his necklaces have not been on here in awhile. I wear them all the time but by chance they have not been on the blog much lately. I intend to remedy that beginning right now. if you have not checked out their etsy shop recently go now!! Their stuff is adorable, edgy, clever, and trend-setting all at the same time. I have gotten compliments almost every time I have worn something from truck employees to flight attendants have asked where my necklaces are from. I have my eye on the State Love necklace, to represent where I'm from, and the Hella necklace in honor of where I am now.

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